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The life of The Traitors 2 star Diane – plus find out who her famous son is


THE Traitors season 2 has left viewers on the edge of their seat as they watch the contestants do battle.

Promoted as being “the ultimate game of truth and deception”, Diane is hoping to be victorious.

Diane is taking part in The Traitors


Diane is taking part in The TraitorsCredit: BBC

Who is Diane on The Traitors?

The Traitors season 2 sees Diane take up residence in the famous castle.

As a retired teacher, she has no problems hammering lessons for her co-stars.

However, the 63-year-old Lancashire native said more than anything, she wants to bring humour back to the castle classroom.

“I’m very good at motivating,” she admitted. “I’ve discovered over the years that I can either raise an atmosphere or bring it down.”

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Like her other fellow contestants, she wants to use her skills from school to her advantage.

She said: “As a teacher at a PRU I’ve had to use tactics to get control of a classroom. I’d use humour a lot, and you had to know when to pick your battles.”

In a big twist to the game, Diane isn’t the only person from her family taking part in The Traitors, as her son Ross, is also on the show.

The Traitors also isn’t her only claim to fame as her other son, Kerr, is known for starring in Game of Thrones.

Is Diane a Traitor or Faithful?

The Traitors season 2 started with host Claudia Winkleman deciding who the Traitors were, and who were the Faithful.

The hopefuls went through a roundtable selection process, and Diane remained a Faithful.

On the Traitors team there are four members, and the rest of the cast are the Faithful.

Who are The Traitors season 2 cast?

Season 2 brings with it a whole host of new faces to the game.

The full Traitors line-up is:

Who are the Traitors in season 2?

A small group of contestants become the titular “Traitors”.

They must work together to eliminate the other contestants in order to win a grand prize.

The Traitors are:

  • Ash, (45), London – Events Coordinator – Original Traitor
  • Paul (36), Manchester – Business Manager – Original Traitor
  • Harry, (22), Slough – British Army Engineer – Original Traitor
  • Miles (36), Birmingham (now Worcestershire) – Veterinary Nurse – 1st Faithful recruited by the Traitors

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