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Trolls say they'd be 'embarrassed' by my big belly but I don't care


A SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘big girl’ has been brutally mocked after revealing she loves to flash her curvy belly in low-rise bottoms.

The noughties are back stronger than ever, with fashionistas sporting velour tracksuits, disc belts and low-rise jeans – and one person who certainly can’t get enough of this trend is plus-size style lover Emma Arletta.

She hit back at mean trolls who comment on her body


She hit back at mean trolls who comment on her bodyCredit: tiktok.com/@emma.arletta
The fashion fan inspires others with her self love


The fashion fan inspires others with her self loveCredit: tiktok.com/@emma.arletta

The fashionista, who proudly describes herself as a ”big girl” on TikTok, can often be seen rocking teeny dresses and trousers with her belly on show – and the stunner also encourages others to do the same.

Taking to her social media page, Emma claimed that in this world, there’s nothing better than ”big girl bellies in low-rise jeans”

”Come on it’s just a little bit lower than the high waisted jeans,” the 27-year-old chuckled in the clip.

”Me convincing the BIG GIRLS to wear low-rise jeans.”

Emma, who used to be mortified that someone would post a snap of her eating, has since overcome her fear – and now helps other larger-bodied woman to embrace and love their curves, boasting an almost 700k-strong fanbase on the platform.

But although the young woman, from the USA, has bravely opened up about her struggles growing up and helps other fashionistas, Emma has also been cruelly mocked online over her body.

One meanie, for instance, recently commented on one of her posts, saying: ”My phone got heavier.”

Someone else even advised the stunner to shed a few pounds and start exercising, whilst a third said they’d be ”embarrassed” to rock the same outfit.

”You’re pretty but please lose some of that before your health gets bad.”

”We have to stop normalising being overweight.. seriously, it’s so unhealthy,” a TikTok user reckoned.

Luckily, however, there was also heaps of support from kind-hearted social media fans who raced to hit back at the cruel trolls.

”What a slay!!! You be paving the road so we can walk,” a fan said.

A second penned: ”The way I would’ve complimented you on the spot if I was there.”

Although Emma hasn’t shared a response to all the bullies, the 27-year-old style whizz did recently reveal she’s recently embarked on a fitness journey.

And it seems that the negative remarks don’t really affect the curvy ”goddess”, as she makes light-hearted jokes about her weight.

In a recent video that was posted around the festive period, Emma chuckled saying her neighbours must be ”thinking there’s an earthquake” whenever she goes for a run on her treadmill indoors.

Asked how she is ”so happy being a big girl”, Emma responded with a simple answer.

”Why wouldn’t I be?!?! Big girls, start living your life.”

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