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B&M shoppers go wild over new peanut butter based on popular cereal


B&M shoppers are going wild over a new peanut butter based on a popular breakfast cereal.

The popular discount store has Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut peanut butter on the shelves and fans love it.

B&M shoppers are loving this Kellog's Crunchy Nut peanut butter


B&M shoppers are loving this Kellog’s Crunchy Nut peanut butterCredit: Facebook/Food Finds UK Official

People love to show off their “B&M hauls” on social media and savvy shoppers never miss a trick when it comes to spotting a tasty treat.

One B&M fan recently picked up some Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut peanut butter and shared it with other shoppers in the Food Finds UK Official Facebook group.

The post read: “Found this in B&M so good taste like crunchy honey roast peanuts think it was £2.”

Other peanut butter afficionados were quick to share their thoughts on the new product.

One person said: “This is just the best.”

Another commented: “I’d be eating it with a spoon.”

While a third added: “I want it so bad!”

One person asked if it tasted like Kelloggs cornflakes, and another replied that it “was sweeter tasting crunchy peanut butter”.

Another person said it was “amazing” for satay dishes.

It isn’t clear which store the peanut butter was in and bear in mind just because an item is in one doesn’t mean it will be in all.

You can find your nearest B&M by using the store locator tool on the retailer’s website.

Although you cannot buy the item online, it is listed on the website at £2.19 for a 340g jar.

We checked to see if any other supermarkets are stocking the Crunchy Nut peanut butter online but could not find any.

However, this does not mean you can’t get it in stores, sometimes you can find things in a physical shop even when it is not listed online.

One person commented on the Facebook post that £2 was a “bit pricey for 340g” so we had a look at other brands of crunchy peanut butter to see if that is true.

You can compare prices quickly across different supermarkets by using the comparison site Trolley.co.uk.

We priced up other 340g jars of peanut butter and found Aldi and Tesco to be the cheapest.

Aldi has two options, Aldi Everyday Essentials which is 99p and Aldi Grandessa which is £1.25.

Tesco has Stockwell and Co crunchy peanut butter also for £1.25.

This makes the Aldi Essentials £1.20 cheaper than Kellogg’s peanut butter, but fans of Crunchy Nut cereal might think it is worth shelling out that little bit extra.

Sainsbury’s has its own offering for £1.80 and Marks and Spencer has its branded crunchy peanut butter for £1.60.

A brand called Nuts Abt Nature has a four-star rating on the Tesco website and its 340g jar is £2.20.

It is always good to do your own comparisons with something like this, and it usually comes down to personal preference in the end.

B&M has had sweet-toothed shoppers in a spin already this week, as an iconic US chocolate brand was spotted on the shelves.

However, the sweet treat was not popular with everyone as one person labelled it “the worst chocolate brand ever”.

Meanwhile, fans of one popular Cadbury chocolate bar that was discontinued in 2002 were delivered some good news.

The retailer sent chocolate fans into a meltdown by revealing the return of the iconic bar – with a slightly modern twist.

Also, shoppers have been picking up some post-Christmas bargains.

Chocolates and winter essentials were scanning at the tills for just 25p each.

How can I save money at B&M

Bargain hunters can often get some great deals in B&M by using the store scanner.

It is a popular tool among fans of the discounter and it is completely free.

The scanner is a barcode app that lets you see if the item’s price is cheaper than what is advertised on the shelves.

All you need to do is download the B&M Stores mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

When you have downloaded the app all you need to do is click on the “scan” button at the bottom of the homepage.

This will then bring up the camera on your smartphone, which you’ll need to use to scan barcodes.

When you scan items in the store the app will bring up the price – and this is when you will know if you can grab a deal.

There is even a Facebook group dedicated to the B&M Scanner where shoppers regularly post their cheap finds.

Some bargain hunters have found items for as little as 10p through the app.

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