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Drivers are only just realising button will save your life if brakes fail


DRIVERS are only just realising the hidden button that could save your life if your brakes fail.

One car expert took to TikTok to teach fellow motorists about the handy hack.

A TikToker has revealed the button that could save your life if your brakes failed


A TikToker has revealed the button that could save your life if your brakes failedCredit: TikTok
Cong showed motorists how to stop your vehicle slowly


Cong showed motorists how to stop your vehicle slowlyCredit: TikTok

And people were amazed to discover the little-known feature.

Posting under the username Cong, he showed viewers one way to save yourself if your brakes failed.

Cong said you should not panic in this situation but hold the electronic hand brake switch and keep it on.

He adds that this ensures the vehicle will “stop steadily”.

If there is no exit from the car, Cong says to fold down the rear seats and climb into the trunk.

Here you will find a small cover on the door panel which you can “snap open” for an emergency escape.

Cong also told viewers to first pull up the dust cover of the gear handle to find a surprise.

In this little pocket left behind you will find a yellow button which you can “press to change gears”.

As always TikTokers took to the comments to weigh in with their opinions.

One said it was a “really useful” piece of information to learn.

“Bro studied the whole car,” said another.

A third quipped: “How did I ever make it to my age? I really wonder – geez!”

However, others pointed out that while the tip is handy, it may not work for every motor.

One wrote: “It works for the model of your car not mine…unfortunately.”

Cong also had a few other hints for drivers.

It comes as drivers were stunned to find another secret button that could save their life on the road.

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Or, if a car travelling behind you at night had their headlights on full beam it could be a major distraction.

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