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‘If I looked like that at 61 I’d brag’ people say as hot mum shows off her abs


WE all want to age gracefully.

Whether it’s working out on a daily basis, maintaining a healthy lifestyle or keeping up with your beauty regime, many will do their best in order to stay looking younger for longer.

Sasha and her 61 year old mum share clothes


Sasha and her 61 year old mum share clothesCredit: TikTok / @sashamorpeth
It is clear the mum workouts to keep her body in shape


It is clear the mum workouts to keep her body in shapeCredit: TikTok / @sashamorpeth

This is because most people will want to hold onto their youthful and tireless glow for as long as possible, rather then let them go.

And one woman who has managed to maintain her youthful appearance is influencer Sasha Morpheth’s mother. 

The 61 year old blonde beauty, who is super fit, is able to wear the same outfits as her daughter who is much younger than her. 

So much so, her daughter, 22, creates videos alongside her mum to show exactly how “amazing” her mum looks. 

In one video, she decided to get her mum to try on all three of her new lounge outfits.

And the mum proved it was no challenge for her. 

The camera first shows Sasha with her mum walking to the camera in tight fitted strappy tops, and bottoms. 

The camera then skips to Sasha walking towards the camera wearing a white crop top, which shows her stomach off, whilst also wearing all white hot pants.

Sasha mum then follows on by wearing the same outfit, and showing off her slick and very fit body. 

The second clip shows Sasha wearing a sports bra, alongside a pair of jeans before her mum follows suit in the same outfit. 

The final outfit that both the mum and daughter modelled is a low cut sports bra, and high waisted fitted leggings, accessorised with bright white trainers and sunglasses.

The video has since gone viral with over 50.3k liking it, and many rushing to the comments section to gush about her mum. 

One wrote: “How is she so fine at 61.” 

Another added: “I want to be like you mum when I’m 61.” 

A third simply said: “If I look like that at 61, I’d brag about it everyday.” 

Others were intrigued about how she looked when she was younger, with them requesting to see pictures of her. 

The mum isn't afraid to show off her skin


The mum isn’t afraid to show off her skinCredit: TikTok / @sashamorpeth
The mum looks "unreal" in the tight fitted leggings and sports bra


The mum looks “unreal” in the tight fitted leggings and sports braCredit: TikTok / @sashamorpeth

Some just couldn’t believe her age, and commented on how “stunning” she looks. 

Someone else questioned: “Am I the only one who saw abs on a 61 year old cool mum.”

This isn’t the first time her mum has gone viral for looking “unreal.” 

Sasha previously showed how she dresses her mum up “as her” and that people never believe her age. 

The age defying mum was then inundated with praise after her daughter showed her off on her TikTok page. 

In a previous video clip, Sasha’s mum confidently showed off her abs as she modelled a crop top and silver sequined mini skirt. 

The video since went viral racking up over 786k views and hundreds of comments from people in awe of her youthful looks and svelte figure. 

One commented: “’For her age’ PLEASE she has a better figure than MOST 20 somethings! Go mum!”

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