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I got a sternum tattoo between my boobs – I can’t get over how they messed it up


A WOMAN was shocked when a tattoo artist messed up her sternum tattoo.

Critics didn’t understand how the professional messed up the simple tattoo, even with a bit of planning.

A woman had regrets over her botched tattoo (stock)


A woman had regrets over her botched tattoo (stock)Credit: Getty

The upset woman posted her body art to a Facebook group to commiserate with others who had similar tattoo fails.

The sternum tattoo started with a single black heart at the center of her chest and trailed down in a line of rainbow dots downwards.

The rainbow dots, however, were slightly crooked, to the woman’s confusion and frustration.

“I got this done three days ago and can’t get over the fact it’s so crooked,” she wrote.

“First three dots are fine then it all goes downhill.”

Worse of all, she revealed that she had noticed and pointed out the messy work to the tattoo artist, who dismissed her concerns.

“Crazy how I pointed out the pre-mark looked crooked and he said it was fine. Could be worse I guess,” she said.

People were shocked that the simple tattoo had been botched.

“Why would he even need to stencil that? Seems like a tattoo artist should be able to freehand a bunch of dots,” said one commenter.

Some pointed out that there were other issues besides the crookedness of it all.

“They aren’t evenly spaced either,” said one viewer.

Many thought that since the tattoo was a simple enough design and in a discreet area, at least it would be easy for her to hide or fix.

“Lucky it’s a few dots and should be relatively easy to cover up. Just find a better artist,” suggested one viewer.

She said she couldn't believe how crooked it was


She said she couldn’t believe how crooked it wasCredit: Facebook

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