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‘Feels like a brand new phone’ boast iPhone owners after trying battery trick


YOU can instantly revitalize your old iPhone using a surprising battery trick.

If you’ve had an iPhone for a few years and it’s starting to slow down, you might not need to buy a new model.

Swapping your iPhone's battery out is a cheap and easy way to 'upgrade' your device


Swapping your iPhone’s battery out is a cheap and easy way to ‘upgrade’ your deviceCredit: Getty

Before forking out on an expensive new cell, consider swapping out the battery instead.

All lithium-ion batteries – like the one in your iPhone – age and degrade over time, and this can have a negative impact on phone performance.

Thankfully it’s possible to get your battery replaced for a small fee at Apple, which can instantly boost performance – and even let your iPhone last longer per charge.

In a Reddit thread praising battery swaps, one user wrote: “Just wanted to share that after getting my battery replaced, the iPhone 11 feels like a brand new phone.

“No more lagging and freezing. Absolutely worth the money. I was at 68% battery health.”

Another said: “I also did this recently, with battery health of 75%. Definitely worth it.”


Getting an Apple battery swap is very easy, and may even be free in some cases.

Apple explains: “We can replace your iPhone battery for a service fee. Our warranty doesn’t cover batteries that wear down from normal use.

“Your iPhone is eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost if you have AppleCare+ and your product’s battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity.”

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You can check your battery health by going into Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

It normally takes around two years (or 500 charge cycles) for a battery to reach 80% of its “brand new” capacity.

If you’re not covered by AppleCare+ then you’ll need to pay a feee.

“We’ll inspect your product when we receive it and confirm the service charges,” Apple says.

“If your iPhone has any damage that impairs the replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement.

“In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair.”

The price of your battery swap will depend on the iPhone model.

For instance, a battery replacement on a new iPhone 15 Pro Max could cost around $99.

If you’re getting an iPhone 11 battery swap, the fee will be closer to $89.

And if you have an iPhone 8, you could pay as little as $69.

This is a great alternative to paying for a brand new phone, as it offers instant improvements to battery life and performance – usually at a fraction of the cost of an upgrade.

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