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‘It’s too cheap’ people say as mum leaves huge list of chores for her babysitter


A MUM has sparked a heated debate over the prices she set her babysitter for cleaning her house.

Taking to social media the mum who goes by @kivankc online, revealed she had left the babysitter a list of chores to pick from.

The mum left a lengthy list of chores for her babysitter to do while she was at their house


The mum left a lengthy list of chores for her babysitter to do while she was at their houseCredit: TIKTOK/@kivankc/
The mum said she didn't have time so offered to pay the babysitter more to do them


The mum said she didn’t have time so offered to pay the babysitter more to do themCredit: TIKTOK/@kivankc/
But some thought her prices were way too cheap


But some thought her prices were way too cheapCredit: TIKTOK/@kivankc/

She said: “The note I’m leaving my babysitter tonight.”

The mum shared a picture of it which included a list of chores the babysitter could complete to earn some extra cash.

Included in the list were tasks such as cleaning the fridge for $15, vacuuming the sofa for $3 and even cleaning and polishing all of the mirrors and doors for $10.

The note also read: “You are more than welcome to hang out and watch TV all night, but if you want to make some extra cash these jobs are up for grabs.


“Just let me know if you decided to do any of these and the grand total I owe you on top of the babysitting money.

“Thanks for being here.”

She then showed some of the jobs her babysitter could do, she snapped a picture of her messy kitchen island, her clutter fridge and messy toy room.

The mum also revealed in the clip that as she was juggling two jobs, she didn’t have time for the tasks, hence asking her babysitter to complete them.

“I’m a working mum and some of the important things have been let go too long in the past weeks.

“The clutter is making all of us feel stressed.

I’m a hot babysitter and the single dads love it when I come to play with their kids

“I was going to stay home to clean, but I could use a date night.

“Seems like a good compromise.”

However, it seemed lots of people thought it wasn’t a good compromise and claimed she was underpaying her babysitter for the cleaning jobs.

In another clip, the mum revealed that the babysitter was scheduled to come at 7:30pm until 11:30pm, and her son had already fallen asleep so there wasn’t anything to do.

In the end, the 17-year-old did decide to complete a few of the chores, earning her $115 in total.

She earned $40 for cleaning the glass, organising the toys, vacuuming the couch and cleaning out the silverware drawer.

The mum added: “She loved this idea.

“Within ten minutes of being gone, I saw my ring doorbell go off, and she was outside cleaning the windows.

“So she liked the opportunity, and she was grateful.”

The videos posted to her TikTok account @kivankc quickly went viral and people were seriously divided.

One person wrote: “With how messy your house is you’d better double those amounts…”

Another commented: “I think $10 is too cheap for some of these tasks considering the amount of work/size of the mess.”

“Great idea but the fridge itself should be at least $30!” penned a third.

“A lot of people agreed that I didn’t offer her enough. I will offer more for that in the future for sure,” the mum replied.

Others seemed thrilled by the idea of being able to make some extra cash while babysitting.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “I think this is a great opportunity for your babysitter. You’re giving a choice, and I love that.”

“I would have loved this! I had a mum that would just leave me a note to do these things and I felt like I had to,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “As a babysitter that usually just cleans anyways because I can’t sit still, i’d appreciate the thought and compensation!”

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She soon put the prices up


She soon put the prices upCredit: TIKTOK/@kivankc/

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