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I got Trader Joe's $7 viral body oil dupe, my tip helps the scent last longer


TRADER Joe’s fans have been clamoring to pick up a dupe for a cult-favorite body oil.

Influencers have raved about the latest $6.99 beauty release which is a great scent dupe for a popular $52 product.

Audrey shared her review on a new Trader Joe's body oil


Audrey shared her review on a new Trader Joe’s body oilCredit: TikTok/dont_look_back_audrey

Audrey (@dont_look_back_audrey) picked up the Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut body oil and shared her review in a video with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

The influencer had to go back to Trader Joe’s to grab another bottle after dropping and shattering the first bottle she purchased.

She explained that she had added the oil to her shower routine immediately to compare it to the $52 Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Firmeza Oil.

“The original has a deep caramelized smell. It is less nutty, less fruity, it’s burnt caramel,” she said.

The Trader Joe’s body oil, on the other hand, had a lighter and fruitier smell to her.

“A little more heavy on the pistachio I would say,” she said.

“After I started to wear it for a while, I started to notice notes of pineapple or coconut, a more tropical scent,” she added.

Her routine included applying an unscented body lotion first, then going in with the body oil and sealing it all in with Aquaphor.

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“And then I can put some gourmand perfume on and it will just layer really nicely and make it last longer,” she said.

“Is it the same as the original Bum Bum smell? No, but it’s still delightful. Seven dollars so I would suggest giving it a try,” she said.

People were easily influenced by her review and many who owned it shared their thoughts.

“Healed my psoriasis all over my chest in one use, I’ve been dealing with it for months,” said one commenter.

“Bro no way, I got it yesterday too and I love it so much,” said another.

She thought it was a great dupe for a $52 Sol de Janeiro body oil


She thought it was a great dupe for a $52 Sol de Janeiro body oilCredit: TikTok/dont_look_back_audrey

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