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Maria Connor makes suicide discovery about Liam in Coronation Street


MASON Radcliffe has been making Liam Connor’s life a living hell in recent months and the lad is at his wit’s end.

Next week in Coronation Street, Liam’s mother Maria makes a gut-wrenching discovery and time is running out.

Maria goes through her son Liam's social media next week


Maria goes through her son Liam’s social media next weekCredit: ITV
She finds out more about his bullying ordeal


She finds out more about his bullying ordealCredit: ITV
And Liam contemplates killing himself


And Liam contemplates killing himselfCredit: ITV

ITV viewers have been fearing the worst for Liam Connor as the schoolboy portrayed by Charlie Wrenshall faces grave danger at the hands of unhinged Mason Radcliffe (Luca Toolan).

The troublesome character made his first appearance in the cobbles in 2023 and Liam instantly became the target of all his attacks.

In recent scenes, Mason and Liam nearly fought it out before the bully pulled out a knife on his victim, prompting many fans of the Manchester-based program to believe death could be the storyline’s outcome.

Tired of his predicament, Liam starts to contemplate death as his only remaining way out – but his mother Maria (Samia Longchambon) is determined to stop him from making a huge mistake.

Coming up next week, Liam announces to Maria that he’s not going to school anymore.

Gary Windass (Mikey North) and Maria see Mrs Crawshaw and explain how Liam’s refusing to go to school because he’s being bullied by Mason and Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne).

Mrs Crawshaw tells them that until they have proof, there’s nothing she can do.

Later on, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) urges Maria to check Liam’s socials as she’ll likely find the evidence she needs there.

Maria then takes matters into her own hands and creates a fake SendPx account before sending Liam a follow request.

As Maria scrolls through the comments on Liam’s account her face becomes ashen while she realises what is really going on.

Gary and Maria tell Liam that the only option left is for him to change schools but, in his bedroom, the lad googles ways to kill himself.

In other scenes, Maria confronts Mason and Dylan and tells them that because of their vile bullying, Liam will have to change schools.

Mason’s amused whilst Dylan feels bad and, later on, Liam calls at the salon to tell Maria she’s a good mother and he loves her. 

As Liam heads out, he looks at her, aware it could be for the last time as he remains determined to go through with his plan.

At the school, a teacher shows Mrs Crawshaw the search history on Liam’s returned laptop.

Maria fails to notice a missed call from the school and Gary is later called in.


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Racing to the salon, he then breaks the news to Maria that Liam’s been researching ways to kill himself.

Remembering Liam’s earlier words, a horrified Maria rushes back to the flat in a desperate bid to find him.

Will she be successful?

Could it be too late?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Liam has been tormented by Mason for weeks


Liam has been tormented by Mason for weeksCredit: ITV
Will he ever get the help he needs to put a stop to his torment?


Will he ever get the help he needs to put a stop to his torment?Credit: ITV

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