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Nato warplanes scrambled as Putin fires wave of missiles near Polish border


NATO warplanes were seen scrambling as Putin fired a terrifying wave of missiles towards Poland’s border.

The latest chilling strikes are part of a massive new Russian onslaught on Ukraine.

Russia hit Ukraine with a new set of chilling attacks


Russia hit Ukraine with a new set of chilling attacks
A missile exploding over a residential block in Kyiv


A missile exploding over a residential block in KyivCredit: Reuters
At least three NATO F-16s were left scrambling in the latest Russian onslaught


At least three NATO F-16s were left scrambling in the latest Russian onslaughtCredit: Getty

At least three F-16s were seen scrambling as Russia fired several missiles towards its NATO border with Ukraine, say reports.

Distressing footage of the attacks show a residential block in Kyiv ablaze as a fire ripped through the building.

A Ukrainian marine drone plant in Mykolaiv was hit alongside a viscous barrage of strikes on Kyiv and Kharkiv.

The waves of strikes followed confirmation that Vladimir Putin had given an interview to controversial former Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an evidently attempt by the Kremlin dictator to justify himself to Western audiences.

The deep threat of the war dragging in NATO was highlighted by the Polish alert early today as Russian missiles appeared to be overflying Ukraine and heading towards Poland.

Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Poland  stated: “Intensive long-range aviation activity of the Russian Federation is being observed due to missile strikes on Ukrainian territory.

“All necessary procedures aimed at ensuring the safety of Polish airspace have been launched.”

The operational command of NATO state Poland was  “constantly monitoring the situation”.

“We warn you that Polish and allied aircraft have been activated, which may cause increased noise levels, especially in the southeast area of the country.”

Reports from Ukraine said Poland had put three F-16s in the air to counter the possible Russian threat.

It is unclear which NATO warplanes were activated.

Smoke was seen rising from Kyiv as five explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital after a nationwide air raid alert in Ukraine.

“Explosions in the city. Air defence is working. Stay in shelters!” wrote Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klychko.

“An apartment building caught fire in Holosiivsky district. Firefighters and rescue unit are on its way to the scene,” he said.

“And in the Dnipro district of the capital, there are currently two injured people. Both were treated by medics on the spot.”

A car repair shop was also hit.

Second city Kharkiv was hit by at least four explosions.

“We have information about non-residential area being hit. As for the injured, clarification is underway.” wrote Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov.

Near  Kharkiv – resident Olena Kurylo, called the “Face of the War” after her bloody image was flashed around the world at the start of the conflict in February 2022 – said she was cowering in her bathroom as missiles exploded nearby.

“My phone is exploding with new missile alerts,” she said.

“I can see reports about five mighty explosions in Kharkiv pinging one after another.

“My mind is numb with fear for my daughter and everyone in the city.

“I am trying to stay calm; then another missile rushes right close to us, and I hear the whistle of death right close.

“There are no words to describe what you feel then, just the whole body starts shaking.

“This is the state I am in, messaging you with my shaky fingers, not knowing if this might be my last message.”

Missiles also hit Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk and other regions in one of the worst onslaughts of the war.

In Mykolaiv, reports said the Ocean plant, where kamikaze sea drones were reportedly made, was targeted along with a warehouse with ammunition.
Reports said Russia deployed 11 TU-95MS aircraft strategic bombers.

They also used six  TU-22M3 aircraft.

Ukrainian journalist Denys Kazanskiy posted: ”Putin decided to please Tucker Carlson, who came to visit him, and in the morning attacked peaceful neighbourhoods of Ukrainian cities with rockets….

“Everything is the same with non-humans – they hit anywhere with their ‘highly precise’ weapons, just for cannibalistic pleasure.”

Carlson, in Moscow, explained his yet to be broadcast  interview with Putin by saying: “After two years of war, many people do not know what is really happening.

“And many Americans are paying for it. The war in Ukraine is a disaster.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are dead, an entire generation of young Ukrainians.

“But the long-term effects are even greater.

“World military and trade alliances have changed their face, the economic system and US dominance are falling apart.

“These changes determine the lives of our grandchildren.

“But people in English-speaking countries ignore this because their media lies.

“From the first day of the war, American publications have published many interviews with Ukrainians, with Zelensky, who demands more and more bringing America into the conflict.”

Critics say he has been used by Putin to transmit Kremlin propaganda to the West.

US ambassador to Kyiv Bridget A Brink said: “Now in Kyiv & around the country, men, women, and children awoke to another massive Russian missile and drone attack.

“We rely on Ukraine’s air defence – and its heroic air defenders – to protect us all. There is no time to lose. Ukraine needs our security assistance now.”

Russia claimed the strikes on residential buildings were due to Ukrainian air defences.

One person was killed in Mykolaiv., a pensioner.

At least ten people were reported wounded, nine in Kyiv and one in Kharkiv.

Some 20,000 people were left without electricity in Kyiv.

Ukrainian air defence forces over Kyiv and the surrounding area destroyed about two dozen Russian missiles.

“Air defence forces shot down about two dozen Kh-101/Kh-555/KX-55 cruise missiles over Kyiv and in the vicinity of the capital,” stated Kyiv Regional Administration.

The missiles entered the capital in several waves from different directions, said spokesman Sergei Popko.

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