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I'm 36 with big boobs, my fiance's family call me a 'stripper' over my outfits


A LARGE-CHESTED woman was shocked when someone in her fiance’s family made a rude comment about her body.

Despite her best efforts to dress appropriately, she said she still gets judged for her chest.

A woman stressed about what to wear to her fiance's sister's wedding (stock photo)


A woman stressed about what to wear to her fiance’s sister’s wedding (stock photo)Credit: Getty

The woman u/effieokay shared her grievances to a wedding attire forum on Reddit for advice.

She posted a few options of full-length blue dresses with sleeves, hoping to find a piece for a family gathering.

“Trying to find the right dress for a vaguely tense situation,” she wrote.

She explained that her fiance’s sister was getting hitched in a “huge lavish ceremony” in New York.

“Black tie dress code but fairly modest family values,” she said.

“My fiance’s family is not very welcoming to me. I would like to find the right dress and knock that out of the park, at least.”

The 36-year-old revealed that she mostly needed help with finding an appropriate dress that would net her in-laws’ approval.

“Trying to not draw attention to the boobs because they are bigger than I would like,” she said.

“I’ve heard a few comments from them at previous events about people’s clothing. (Too much skin, not enough skin, not dressy enough, too dressy).

“They seem to have a big family rule about ‘not outshining the bride’ which I completely understand of course. But I’m a little lost on how to look nice but not too nice.”

One viewer gleaned that the situation was not so much about her dress but about her strained relationship with her fiance’s family.

“Just some food for thought. If these people don’t like you, you can’t wear the right thing. They’ll find something to pick out. Too dowdy, too showy, too cheap, too fancy,” they said.

“Pick something nice that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, following the typical wedding etiquette (no white, etc.). Then just go and try to enjoy the evening with your fiance.”

She couldn’t help but agree with the advice, explaining that she’d received rude comments in the past that frustrated her.

“You are absolutely right. It’s the Passive Aggressive Olympics every time we get together and I really wish it wasn’t that way,” she replied.

“My fiance’s grandmother keeps asking why he doesn’t just find a nice (their religion) girl instead. I overheard someone else say I should be a stripper instead of a software engineer.

“God forbid their children just be happy and live their lives.”

The 36-year-old with large boobs shared photos of dresses she was considering as she asked for advice


The 36-year-old with large boobs shared photos of dresses she was considering as she asked for adviceCredit: JJ’s House

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