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I transformed my entire bathroom using a £3 buy I got from a car boot sale


A DIY whizz has revealed that transformed her entire bathroom using a £3 product she found at a car boot sale.

The woman, known only as @carbootisfull on TikTok, shared her bathroom makeover via a video posted to the social media platform.

The bargain hunter transformed her bathroom for just £3


The bargain hunter transformed her bathroom for just £3Credit: TikTok/carbootisfull
She got the paint from a car boot sale


She got the paint from a car boot saleCredit: TikTok/@carbootisfull
The room had previously been pink and blue


The room had previously been pink and blueCredit: TikTok/@carbootisfull

She often uses the account to post her latest car boot hauls, as well as helpful DIY tips.

Her videos are very popular with social media users and she has amassed over 25,000 followers on the video sharing site.

“Come upgrade my bathroom with me for only £3”, she said.

The car boot enthusiast explained that she had picked up a “brand new” sealed tin of paint from the car boot for just £3.

Johnstone’s Trade Eggshell paint (the kind she picked up) sells for around £30 in the shop, so the TikToker nabbed an absolute bargain.

Before she began painting, the DIY pro filled in any cracks and holes in the walls and sanded them down.

She then popped some old bed sheets down to mask protect the floor and took wet sponge to the walls.

“It’s not a myth, you do need to wash the walls first”, she said.

The TikToker then cracked open the tin of paint, which was a mint green colour, and set to work painting over the pink and blue geometric pattern that had previously been on the wall.

“A good tip, always have an old rag or some kind of towel with you, so if you make a mistake you can wipe it off”, she said.

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The bargain hunter also recommended removing any sealant “so you get a nice paint finish” and then resealing again afterwards.

“Don’t be stingy with the paint as that will take forever”, she advised.

After the decorating was done, @carbootisfull showed viewers the finished project.

The bathroom looks unrecognisable and the green gives the room a classy feel.

“It’s much better than the old colour,” she said.

“I really like this green colour in the bathroom.

“It’s incredible how much a lick of paint can change a room”.

DIY tips and hacks

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts on the bathroom transformation.

One user said: “That’s one of my favourite colours of all time”.

Another user said: “My bathroom is that colour”.

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Now it looks completely different


Now it looks completely differentCredit: TikTok/@carbootisfull

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