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Woman shares the 2p sleep hack she’s uses to ensure she never gets a double chin


EXERCISE and a balanced diet – the key to shedding pounds and ultimately, also losing your double chin.

But according to one beauty lover, Yuri Lee, you can achieve a chiselled jawline without spending hours at the gym – and it’s all thanks to a savvy 2p hack.

According to one skinfluencer, you can achieve a chiselled jawline in your sleep


According to one skinfluencer, you can achieve a chiselled jawline in your sleepCredit: Getty
You can purchase medical tape from Boots, as well as Amazon and other retailers


You can purchase medical tape from Boots, as well as Amazon and other retailersCredit: tiktok/@yurileeeee

The best part? Not only is it super simple and costs just pennies, you can do it in your sleep (talk about beauty sleep).

In a video posted on TikTok, the ”skinfluencer”, claimed that using a common household essential will keep your double chin away – and Yuri even went as far as saying that this was ”the best thing” she incorporated to her beauty routine in 2023.

Posing with her comfy pyjamas, Yuri – who posts under the username @yurileeeee – insisted that using a tape on your face will work wonders to make your jawline appear sharper.

”The best hack for double chin. You can literally prevent it by taping mouth while you are sleeping,” she said in her video, before demonstrating the special method.

In the clip, the beauty whizz could be seen taking a small amount of clear tape, ripping it off and sticking it on directly onto her mouth.

Sharing the simple trick on her platform, where she boats close to a whopping 608k followers, Yuri advised to steer clear from the tape hack ”when you are congested”.

Meanwhile, if you are worried the tape will come off whilst you’re sleeping, the skinfluencer said there was no need for concern.

”Happens sometimes but mostly stays.”

Explaining how the trick worked, Yuri wrote in the comments: ”Tongue placement is so important.

”Most of us sleep mouth open or even breathe from mouth.”

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In her video, the beauty guru – who also drinks boiled chicken feet to banish wrinkles – said she was using medical tape from her local drugstore.

Fellow skincare lovers can snap up this from a number of retailers, such as Boots, where 5m of the tape sells for £1.70.

Meanwhile, online retailer giant, Amazon, offers a similar product on sale for £2.39.

However, whilst some, like Yuri, were raving about this hack and said it worked ”very well”, not everyone was totally convinced – and were even scared to give it a go.

”I think I’d die,” reckoned one social media user.

Someone else chimed in: ”I’m literally afraid of this but want to try.”

”Pretty sure I’d die if I taped my mouth,” a third penned, to which Yuri reminded that they had their noses to breathe with.

However, some were sceptical and reckoned they'd 'die' if they were to try this


However, some were sceptical and reckoned they’d ‘die’ if they were to try thisCredit: tiktok/@yurileeeee

But what do the experts say?

Although there hasn’t been too much research on the risks and benefits on mouth taping, some experts are rather sceptical of this hack, which has gone viral on TikTok.

Chatting with Huffington Post, Dr. Samuel Lin, a board-certified plastic surgeon and associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, said: “It is unlikely a short course of mouth taping will change the bone structure of a person’s jawline.

“The facial bones develop through the teenage years and into [young] adulthood and are only changed through procedures that involve shaping the jaw; moving the jaw forward or backward by craniofacial surgeons, a chin implant, or meticulous management of individual teeth through specialists (oral surgeons, dentists),” the guru explained.

Fellow expert in the industry, Dr. Nilong Vyas at the sleep consulting service and private practice Sleepless in NOLA, echoed this.

“Chronic mouth breathers, over time, can impact their facial structure, but wearing mouth tape for a few days overnight will not show any improvements to bone structure.”

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