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‘Just plain greedy’ shoppers slam man who cleared shelf of Lego to make a profit


A YOUNG man has been slammed for buying cheap Lego sets to sell online for a profit.

Sam, from the UK, shared his haul on social media – but not everyone was impressed.

Sam claims he's on his way to be a millionaire


Sam claims he’s on his way to be a millionaireCredit: TikTok/samsjourney
He cleared the shelf of Lego sets on sale and was branded 'greedy'


He cleared the shelf of Lego sets on sale and was branded ‘greedy’Credit: TikTok/samsjourney

In the clip, he headed to Tesco to check out the toy sales and stumbled upon a bargain he couldn’t leave on the shelves.

Sam describes himself as a “young entrepreneur” and says he is on track to become a millionaire.

He said: “Was seventy five quid now £18.50,” as he spotted the Lego Friends Sea Rescue Boat.

“What about this one?” he said as he saw a different Lego set on the shelf called the Lego Friends Skate Park.


“£45 now £11. What the. I’m gonna have to grab all of them,” he explained, stunned by the low price.

He quickly cleared the shelves of all the bargains and stashed them in his trolley.

When he got to the car he went and scanned the items on an app called BuyBotGo which revealed how much they would sell for on Amazon and how many times people had bought them in the last month.

Just plain greedy.

TikTok User

He explained: “These are the big ones. They’re gonna sell for £47, we’re buying for £18.

“So what’s our profit on these? £10.96 profit, 59% ROI (return of investment).

“That is lovely, selling pretty decently as well.”

‘People like you p–s me off’ shoppers slam man who clears Tesco shelf of Ken Hom pans to ‘make £7 profit’ on each one

The next Lego set he grabbed were selling for £30 online.

“We buy these for 12.50. What’s a profit on these ones? £3.80 profit, 30% ROI it’s OK,” he said slightly disappointed by the payoff.

Amazon FBA is a service that online sellers can use, where Amazon takes care of the storing, packing and shipping of your products.

He added that all he had to do was now was box them up and put them on Amazon.

Sam said: “These Legos are gonna pay for the weekly shop, not complaining.

“Stop thinking and start doing.”

The clip posted to his TikTok account @samsjourney didn’t go down well.

People were quick to call Sam out for being ‘greedy’.

One person wrote: “Poor parent get to afford to buy there kids something good, but no, as your gonna buy everything.”

“Yep,” replied Sam.

Another commented: “Just plain greedy. what a way to ‘earn’ money at everyone else’s expense. Thanks for HMRC.”

“Are you allowed to sell Lego products?” penned a third.

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He plans to resell them online for a profit


He plans to resell them online for a profitCredit: TikTok/samsjourney

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