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Brits have just hours left to snap up ultra-fast broadband for '24.40 a month'


BRITS have been warned that they might be drastically overpaying for their broadband.

Martin Lewis‘ MoneySavingExpert has shared a new deal that could save consumers a fortune – but you have to act quick.

A money saving expert has warned that Brits are paying double the price for broadband


A money saving expert has warned that Brits are paying double the price for broadbandCredit: Alamy

The money advice platform took to social media to share its latest tip on saving Brits money.

In a post on X, it wrote: “LAST CHANCE. You can get 145Mb Sky broadband for ‘£24.40 a month’.

“Most households are paying double for their broadband – are you one of them?

“This deal could save you a packet, but it ends 11.59pm tomorrow (Thursday 7 March).”

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The Sky broadband deal is an 18-month contract, featuring a speedy 145mb fibre broadband.

It features cheap mobile and international calls, speedy uploading and downloading times, and even has a reward scheme.

Those who opt for this broadband option are set to receive a £65 prepaid Mastercard, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, M&S or John Lewis voucher – of their choice.

The plan is £28 per month, but once you factor in the prepaid voucher it is actually the equivalent of £24.39 per month.

This deal is for new broadband customers only.

Moneysavingexpert.com offers a free checking and comparison function – where you can compare prices and see where you can save.

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Last year Lewis issued an urgent warning over potential hikes on broadband and offered his tips on how to avoid it.

At the time, he said: “Remember for the rest of this week, probably from tomorrow, we’re going to get the December inflation figures.

“That’s normally what broadband costs are increased on – and they do it above inflation.”

“I’m expecting 15% rises for broadband to be announced on many of the big providers this week.”

Soon after, The Sun revealed that BT, EE and Three were going to up their rates by up to 14.4% in April.

Now, experts are warning that broadband rates are about to sky-rocket once again as of April.

Most providers are suspected to raise their prices by 7.9 per cent – while Virgin Media is raising their price by 8.8 per cent.

Ofcom said mobile and broadband customers were being hit with mid-contract rises, which they found difficult to understand.

Providers are being encouraged to spell out the exact amount in pounds and pence explicitly.

The Sun spelled out how much prices will rise under 11 different providers in the Spring.

How does text-to-switch work?

TEXT-to-switch makes it quicker and easier to leave your mobile company by giving you control over how much contact you have with your existing provider.

This is how it works:

Text ‘PAC’ to 65075 – and keep your mobile number

  • Text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to start the process
  • The existing provider will text back within a minute and send the PAC number which will be valid for 30 days
  • The provider’s reply must also include information about any early termination charges or pay-as-you-go balances
  • The customer then gives the PAC number to their new provider
  • The new provider must arrange for the switch to complete within one working day

Text ‘STAC’ to 75075 – and get a new mobile number

  • Most people want to keep their number when they switch but one in six do not
  • Text ‘STAC’ to 75075 to get a service termination authorisation code
  • The rest of the process is the same as above

Text ‘INFO’ to 85075 – and find out more

  • If you are unsure about whether you will have to pay early termination charges text ‘INFO’ to 85075
  • You will only receive this information
Broadband prices are set to increase in April


Broadband prices are set to increase in AprilCredit: Alamy
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