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Parents slammed for plan to name baby after dating site they met on


A MUM-to-be has been slammed over her plan to name her baby after the dating app that she and her husband met through.

The woman revealed that she has been fighting with her husband over the name, who thinks that the name is “embarrassing”.

The mum thinks their child's name should honour where they met


The mum thinks their child’s name should honour where they metCredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, she said: “I’m almost seven months pregnant with our first child, a little girl”.

“I’ve been fighting with my husband because he doesn’t like the name I’ve picked out.

“I want to name her Tinderleigh because we met on Tinder a little over a year ago.

“This site helped me to find true love, and I think the name is perfect.

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“My husband thinks it’s embarassing and doesn’t want people to know we met on there.

“How can I convince him how special this name is to me?

“Plus, I’m a little hurt that he is embarrassed by the way we came together in this world”.

Reddit users flooded the comments section with replies, many of whom joked what their own children would be named if they followed the same logic.

One person said: “I met my girlfriend in high school, can’t wait til we get to name our daughter Heighly Schooleigh.”

Another person said: “I guess it’s better than Grinderleigh, but not by much.”

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A third person added: “I met my husband at work. So our child should be named… Wherck? Auffiss? Neigntopheiv?

“Although, our company’s name started with Crum. Sooooooo Crumleigh? How beautiful.”

A fourth user chimed in: “That child is going to be bullied for all eternity”.

A fifth added: “Meeting on Tinder isn’t embarrassing.


“The name is”.

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