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Result of women's Boat Race delayed 'by VAR' after bizarre bumping incident


THE CONCLUSION to the women’s boat race was delayed after the Oxford and Cambridge boats made contact during the race.

That led to an umpire’s review reminiscent of VAR once both boats had crossed the finish line.

The Oxford cox was furious at the end of the race


The Oxford cox was furious at the end of the raceCredit: BBC
The Oxford boat bumped into Cambridge's


The Oxford boat bumped into Cambridge’sCredit: BBC

The incident took place with around two thirds of the the race left, with Cambridge slightly ahead of Oxford.

As Oxford desperately tried to break in front, their boat made contact with the back of Cambridge’s.

The Oxford cox Joe Gellett made an impassioned plea to get Cambridge disqualified but the umpire was having none of it.

That cost Oxford dearly, with them falling a boat’s length behind during the appeal.


From there, Cambridge went on to win the race at a canter with over a 15 second lead.

But the drama only just began at the finish line when a red flag was flown – marking the beginning of an appeal process.

A furious Gellett then argued with race umpire Richard Phelps and pleaded again for a Cambridge disqualification.

That led to the lead BBC commentator declaring “this is dramatic as it gets” as the two thrashed things out.


After a five minute period it was confirmed that Cambridge remained as winners – with the replays showing Oxford moved over.

Fans on X loved the drama of the events – with one joking: “A bit of ‘VAR’ going on at the end of the Women’s race. Cambridge will still be deemed as winners.”

Another said: “VAR needed in the women’s #boatrace”

A third, commenting on the finish line debate said: “Honestly, this was the best part of the whole race #boatrace”

A fourth said: “I am literally living for the drama.”

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