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Fans spot Roy Keane seething as Sky Sports interrupt their own coverage for ad


FANS were left in stitches over Roy Keane’s furious reaction to Sky Sports advertising a new show.

The pundit was part of the team providing analysis for the broadcaster’s coverage of Manchester City vs Arsenal.

Roy Keane was left seething over an advert Sky Sports played


Roy Keane was left seething over an advert Sky Sports playedCredit: Grab

And he was left seething by the decision to interrupt the show to air an advert for the new series of House of the Dragon.

When Sky Sports cut back to the studio Keane could be seen with a disgruntled look etched across his face.

Viewers at home found his reaction very entertaining – with some claiming it was better than the match.

One reacted saying: “The withering contempt on Roy Keane’s face as the Dragon House trailer was announced, something I’ve not seen since his time alongside Adrian Chiles.”

Another added: “Roy Keane getting pissed off at a game of thrones advert is the most entertaining thing about this match so far.”

A third wrote: “Roy Keane annoyance with the Sky’s weird House of the Dragon gimmick during the game is a vibe.”

And another commented: “Losing my mind at Roy Keane’s utterly nonplussed reaction to the awkward House of the Dragon promo on Sky Sports.”


The trailer was then shown for a second time at full-time and presenter Dave Jones could not resist a cheeky dig at Keane.

He said: “The Keane household is going to take a bit more convincing.”

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