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My tips make cleaning a bathroom quicker – they'll save your back from scrubbing


A WOMAN with a knack for cleaning has shared her six tips to get your bathroom in tip-top shape quickly.

There are many benefits to your home, including reducing hard water buildup and not hurting your back from a ton of hands-on scrubbing.

Alissa shared her tips to clean your bathroom quicker


Alissa shared her tips to clean your bathroom quickerCredit: Instagram / home.and.chaos

DIY lover Alissa (@home.and.chaos) is all about creating a homely space she feels comfortable in.

Much of that has to do with regular cleaning practices.

She revealed her easy-to-follow cleaning hacks for quickly getting a clean bathroom in an Instagram Reel.


Alissa shared a special recipe for cleaning shower and sink drains.

She recommended covering it with one cup of baking soda and pouring two cups of vinegar over it.

Then, cover the drain with a rag for about 20 minutes.

In the last step, rinse the drain with hot water and finish it with some lemon juice for a final disinfectant and fresh scene.


Next, Alissa advised keeping a rag under your sink to keep countertops dry and clean.

It’s great for quick wipe-ups after using the sink.

Alissa admitted in the caption that she sometimes makes a mess around the sink after washing her face.

Don’t forget to switch out the rag weekly.

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The cleaning fan recommended keeping a dish wand in the shower filled with vinegar and Dawn dish soap.

It’s good to have around for quick shower stain cleans and touchups.

Dawn can be found on Amazon or at your local Dollar Tree for $1.25.


If you don’t already have a squeegee, it’s time to get one.

Alissa uses the cleaning tool after every shower.

A squeegee is a tool with a blade that removes or controls liquids across normally glass surfaces.


Alissa recommended the Rain-X water-repellant spray, $6.38, to combat hard water build-up.

It’s important to apply it every few months to be most effective.


Lastly, she said to “save your back” and use the Electric Spin Scrubber, $39.99 on Amazon, for hard-to-reach places.

It works on the bathtub, behind the tub, on bathroom floors, and wherever else you need to use it.

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Viewers appreciated her tricks and many were ready to put them into action.

“Oh my goodness! Come live with me!” one commented.

“I need to do this!” another wrote.

“OK saving this post for ingredients used! Need to do this stat!” a woman said.

Using a power scrubber prevents your back from hurting


Using a power scrubber prevents your back from hurtingCredit: Instagram / home.and.chaos

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