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Incredible goals stat shows this is BEST Prem season and fans have theory why


FOOTBALL fans are stunned after finding out the astonishing amount of goals in the Premier League season… but they believe they know why.

Saturday’s top-flight action saw 29 goals scored across the eight matches – an average of 3.6 goals per game.

The average goals per game has skyrocketed this season
The average goals per game has skyrocketed this season
Brentford were one of FIVE teams to score in added time on Saturday


Brentford were one of FIVE teams to score in added time on SaturdayCredit: Alamy

And that is not a huge increase from the season’s average – which sits at around 3.25.

But the 2023/24 campaign as a whole is a massive outlier compared to other Premier League seasons – and for the better.

As reported by Duncan Alexander, it is on course to become the first Premier League season to boast an average of more than three goals per game.

Every campaign since 1992 has averaged between 2.45 and 2.85 goals per game.

Last season, a record number of goals were scored in the Premier League as teams hit the back of the net 1,084 times.

But 946 have already been scored in 2023/24 and clubs are on course to shatter the record set just 12 months ago.

However, fans have been quick to jump on one major reason why this is the case.

Added time has risen hugely this season following a new directive in the summer was put in place to increase the amount of time the ball is in play.


Games are regularly exceeding 100 minutes, meaning there is simply more time for goals to be scored.

Five goals were scored after the 90th minute on Saturday alone – including two in Brentford’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United.

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And those on social media swiftly posed this theory in response to the remarkable stats.

One said: “Added time?”

While another added: “Adjust 👏 for 👏 added 👏 time 👏.”

While a third replied: “Have you got the graph with goals in first 90mins only?”

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