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Emmerdale’s Amy Nuttall reveals she was forced to sell her home


EMMERDALE’S Amy Nuttall revealed that she had to sell her home and relocate to a shared flat due to a massive decrease in earnings.

The 41-year-old, known for playing Chloe Atkinson in the hit soap, opened up about the financial side of an actor’s life.

Amy Nuttall revealed that she moved out of her house


Amy Nuttall revealed that she moved out of her houseCredit: Getty
The star moved into a shared flat after her stint on Emmerdale


The star moved into a shared flat after her stint on EmmerdaleCredit: ITV

Last year, Amy kicked her Broadchurch actor husband Andrew Buchan out of their family home — for the second time.

This came after Andrew had an alleged affair.

A source said: “It took a lot for Amy to give the marriage another chance but she thought it was worth one final roll of the dice.

“There is no suggestion he has cheated again, but as far as she is concerned this is it.

“She is obviously gutted but also accepts that their time together has come to an end.”

Amy spoke to The Sunday Times about her life after leaving Emmerdale.

She said: “I started off well with Phantom and then Emmerdale, but when I was 22 I moved to London.

“Soon after I bought my first property in Ladbroke Grove but stupidly bought one that I was unable to sublet.

“I’d really stretched myself to the limit to buy it and I was relying on being in work to pay my mortgage and bills.

“I was the lead in Cabaret in the West End at the time, but it was a massive drop in earnings after Emmerdale and I just couldn’t cover everything, so I had to put the flat on the market. I had to move out a week after I finished Cabaret and rent a room in a flat and put all my furniture into storage. It was devastating.”

Amy also talked about why she no longer owns a credit card. She said: “I don’t own any.

“When joined Emmerdale I came home to visit my parents and for some reason l’d got myself a credit card and I was telling my dad about it and he made me get it out, got a pair of scissors and said, ‘Right, I want you to cut it up in front of me.

Take my advice. Do not go down that road’.

“And it’s just stuck with me. I’ve never had one since. I think my dad knew that it would basically give me the opportunity to spend money I didn’t have.”

Amy went on to appear in Downton Abbey and the TV series Mr. Bates.

The star was recently flooded with support after she shared the ‘hardest day of grief’ following the devastating loss of her mum five months ago.

The 41-year-old actress was left heartbroken back in November when her beloved mum passed away and last week she took to X, formerly Twitter, where she opened up about her pain.

She wrote: “Grief can do one today.

“Been almost five months and yet today has been one of the hardest. What’s that about..

“Thought I’d share as I imagine a million others will be in the same boat. You’re not alone wherever you are. Tomorrow is another day.”

One supportive follower wrote: “As time goes on it can be harder because it’s one day further away from last words and last hugs.

“Always try and remember the good stuff and knowing how they would have reacted to certain events and be grateful you knew them well enough to know that. We grieve because we loved.”

Whilst another added: “Amy , it will be like that. You love & miss your mum & she had one of the worst illnesses. It’s very hard to watch someone you love with it.

“Today will be better. Plant something in her memory ( I planted High Hopes for my brother) , it will lift you each year it blooms.”

Amy also starred in Downton Abbey


Amy also starred in Downton AbbeyCredit: Handout
She played Sally Bowles in the Caberet Photocall


She played Sally Bowles in the Caberet PhotocallCredit: Getty
Amy was devastated after losing her mum five months ago


Amy was devastated after losing her mum five months agoCredit: Getty
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