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Geordie Shore’s James Tindale reveals future of the show


JAMES Tindale has revealed the future of Geordie Shore – and how the next series could see a massive shake-up after the recent cast feud.

The 33-year-old opened up to The Sun about what he thinks is going to the MTV show after Charlotte Crosby, 33, and Marnie Simpson‘s huge row on the 24th series.

James Tindale has opened up about the future of Geordie Shore


James Tindale has opened up about the future of Geordie ShoreCredit: Instagram
Geordie Shore returned to our screens for its 24th series


Geordie Shore returned to our screens for its 24th seriesCredit: Paramount+/MTV

The cast jetted off to Cyprus to celebrate Marnie, 32, and husband Casey Johnson‘s honeymoon – and they invited everyone’s partners and children along too.

But Charlotte, her fiance Jake Ankers and their daughter Alba quit the show after she clashed with Marnie over a highchair while staying in the family villa.

The series was something totally different to previous episodes, which has seen the stars hit up the Toon to “get mortal”.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun at the C4 Energy x Millions launch party last week, James said of the show: “I think for everyone, including the producers, it was a new era of Geordie Shore.

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“It was something brand new, there was a lot of trial and error.

“I think for the parents, you’re living in a house and you’re filming, it’s quite taxing on its own, emotions are high.

“But when you’ve got kids to look after, as well as doing that, it just wasn’t a very good balance, it was hard.

“So in the future, we’re not bringing the kids.

“Which is sad because I do love everyone’s kids and it’s nice that we’re all at that part.

“But especially if we are going abroad, the kids won’t be there.”

Geordie Shore’s bitter feud reignited as stars are snubbed from Charlotte Crosby’s engagement party

When asked if there is going to be another series for fans to enjoy, James said: “A lot of the die hard Geordie Shore fans have all tuned in to watch it.

“There might be another one, I hope so!”

The reality star, who shot to fame on the first ever series of the MTV show back in 2011, also waded in on the feud between the girls.

His opinion on the feud

James confessed that it was “hard” for him, and “didn’t want to take sides” as he is pals with everyone.

He said: “There’s not one person that I would point the finger at and go ‘they’re to blame’, ‘they should have done this’, because it was just the situation and the environment.

“Hats off to them! I wouldn’t have liked to have been there with a child – especially a young one, like a toddler.”

Will Charlotte ever return?

James also gave his thoughts on if Charlotte will return to Geordie Shore, after she insisted that she’s never going back.

“I don’t know because she’s got a family and she’s very busy, she’s got a lot of projects happening,” he confessed.

“I think Geordie Shore will always hold a place in her heart. She might pop in.

“I don’t think she’ll do a full one ever again, but I hope she does.”

Marnie and Charlotte had a huge fall out on the latest series


Marnie and Charlotte had a huge fall out on the latest seriesCredit: Getty – Contributor
James has been on the MTV show since 2011


James has been on the MTV show since 2011Credit: MTV
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