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Driver finds hidden backseat button that gives passengers extra legroom


A HIDDEN button that gives passengers extra legroom has been revealed by a car expert.

A TikToker shared the clip on his channel where he uploads regular motoring content for his 28,000 followers.

The TikToker's channel is dedicated to sharing motoring content


The TikToker’s channel is dedicated to sharing motoring contentCredit: TikTok
In the short clip, we see the passenger chair slide back after he presses the button


In the short clip, we see the passenger chair slide back after he presses the buttonCredit: TikTok

In the video, the car enthusiast pulls down the rear seat armrest and unveils a button with the letter “F” on it.

These armrests located at the back of vehicles can be found in different motors such as BMWs and Range Rovers.

The TikToker presses the button and pans to the passenger seat in the front, which is now moving back allowing for more legroom at the front.

Unfortunately, it is unclear what make and model the car is.

It comes after a driver installed his secret button on his car for just £10 – and can now start the engine without keys.


The YouTuber explained how all he needed for this “simple project” was a momentary switch, a drill and some wire strippers.

He installed the button as an alternative for his key which he said no longer worked in his car.

The hack also worked out cheaper as he didn’t have to spend “15 bucks” on a new key, he claims.

To show his viewers that his hidden button works he tried starting his car with his keys which didn’t work.

Yet, when he pressed his new self-installed button the car engines fired up.

‘You’ll never scratch your car again’ reveals motor whizz over 5 ‘hidden’ functions that can all be found in your bonnet

It comes as a motoring whizz revealed a secret button located inside the door handle that can help drivers who are locked out of their vehicles.

The TikToker shared her helpful trick on her channel and it caused a stir with more than 500 likes.

In the clip, she said: “The car key is out of power and the door cannot be opened, pop out the mechanical key, aim at the small hole under the door handle, pry open and find the lock.

“Put the key in and turn it, the car door opened.”


The car expert also shared how to position mirrors so they are at their most effective so you can reverse safely.

She said: “Adjust the left door handle to the lower right corner of the rearview mirror, move the right door handle to the lower left corner of the right rearview mirror.

“At this time the view of the rearview mirror is best.”

The motoring whizz’s top tip for reversing is to stare at the middle of the front door handle.

When it coincides with the steps on the road behind it means the rear of the car is exactly 30 centimetres away from the steps.

It comes after a car expert revealed a mistake that could cost motorists thousands when buying a new set of wheels.

And this motor whizz has shared their easy hacks to help drivers save thousands of pounds on their insurance.

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