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Mrs Hinch fans rave over 'brilliant' no-scrub buy that gets rid of mould


MOULD is not only unsightly, but it can also be a health hazard if the issue is not addressed sooner rather than later.

So, if you’ve spotted signs of the toxic fuzz following the rainy weather conditions over winter, then look no fear…because it turns out there’s a bargain buy that’ll remove it in an instant.

Mould is not only unsightly but is also a health hazard if not dealt with sooner rather than later


Mould is not only unsightly but is also a health hazard if not dealt with sooner rather than laterCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Cleaning fans have been going wild for this 'HG Mould Spray'


Cleaning fans have been going wild for this ‘HG Mould Spray’Credit: Ocado

Shoppers have been sent into a frenzy over HG mould remover spray, which can be bought from the likes of Tesco, Ocado or Amazon, with prices starting from just £5.25.

In fact, they’ve been so impressed by the results, they’ve branded the product “brilliant” and “amazing stuff.”

The popular product claims to “effortlessly eliminate all moulds, making filthy black stains created by mould disappear.”

And what’s mote is it’s suitable for removing mould and fungus from various surfaces – including plastered walls, tiles, bathroom seals and windows.

So it’s little surprise the comments section has been flooded with homeowners quick to praise the product.

“HG mould spray is brilliant. Just spray. You don’t have to wipe it off and it lasts for weeks,” enthused one.

A second urged: “HG Spray buy it at Amazon, may have to use twice all depends how bad it is.”

A third branded the product “amazing stuff,” while a fourth noted:
“HG mould spray works for me.”

Another commented: “HG mould spray is brilliant – Amazon or Tesco.”

Elsewhere, others were eager to share their other top mould removal tips – including a bargain item that you’ll likely already have in your kitchen cupboards.

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“Good old white vinegar,” suggested one.

Another shared the successful product they’ve used and wrote: “Wipe down with neat bleach.

“Keeps mine away for about 6 months. I’ve had roof repaired and also used special paint. Nowt works only bleach.”

A further advised: “Elbow grease mould n mildew spray absolutely brilliant.”

Another added: “Cillit Bang mould remover, spare loads on and leave fir at least 30/45 min.”

And one more chimed in: “Put toilet roll against the areas and cover in clear bleach.”

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