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Fuming neighbour leaves note after pregnant driver parked in their spot


A PREGNANT woman has told how she parked her car in the ‘perfect’ spot – until a fuming neighbour left her an obscenity-filled note.

The woman, whose identity is unknown, shared a picture of the handwritten message left on her windscreen.

A reddit user posted the angry letter on social media


A reddit user posted the angry letter on social mediaCredit: Reddit

The angry note appeared to be venting about a parking space supposedly meant for people in wheelchairs.

However, the Reddit user who posted the letter said she is “almost nine months pregnant” and is “deserving of accessible access”.

The recipient of the letter explained how she parked her car outside of her house and only noticed the letter once she got in her vehicle again to drive off.

The angry note reads: “Hey bud, what the f**k is wrong with you.

“Why would you park in the only spot cleared of snow for wheelchair access, couriers and general access.”

The Reddit user, who is heavily pregnant, said the letter had her feel “pretty darn upset”.

She posted in response: “The note assumes I don’t deserve accessibility, and assumes there was other room on the street when I parked.

“There is no loading zone in front of my building and I did not break any laws by parking there.”

The letter continued to attack the Reddits user character.

It goes on: “The whole street is available but your over privalleged b***h a** parks there.”

Neighbour parked in front of MY drive & I was raging… her reaction was bizarre

This disturbed the recipient of the letter and questioned whether they had been watching her.

“They also call me a bitch which makes me wonder if I was watched? Which is even creepier,” she said.

The Reddit user added: “if you wrote this note – please do me a favour and fall on the ice and hurt yourself. 

“And stop assuming you know what someone else needs or deserves.”

The post received hundreds of comments from stunned Reddit users, who couldn’t believe people could be so angry over a parking spot.

“Apparently, this person thinks that they are the parking police, and not just for illegal parking,” said one user.

Another added: “This is definitely from some little b***h that wouldn’t have the guts to say any of that shit in person.”

While a third jokingly commented: “I’d say the person who assumes they have a right to a specific spot on the street is an over privileged b***h a**. “

It comes another bizare note was left on a car’s windscreen which left people amazed.

And church goers have been left fuming after they were slapped with £70 parking fines while attending as Easter Sunday service.

Parking guide: where you can and can’t park

Knowing where to park can be confusing whether you are a first-time driver or a motoring expert. Here’s a guide on where and when you can and can’t park your car.

Drivers are allowed to wait or park for very brief periods of time on single yellow lines before being moved on, according to Wilsons.  

Drivers are prohibited from parking on double yellow lines at any time, regardless of whether or not there are signs present.

Drivers must not wait or park on double white lines, but are permitted to stop briefly in order to pick up or drop off passengers, or to load or unload goods – unless road signs state otherwise.  

Drivers must not wait or park in areas designated as controlled parking zones, other than the times displayed on associated signage. 


Drivers must not stop or park on areas designated as clearways and urban clearways during certain hours advertised on nearby road signs – unless picking up or dropping off passengers.   

Drivers must not stop, wait or park on markings to school entrances at certain times as shown on nearby signage.

Drivers must not park on a hard shoulder and should only ever stop if it’s an emergency.

Drivers must not stop or park on a pedestrian crossing or the areas marked by zigzag lines either side. 

Drivers must not stop or park in bays designated for taxi drivers which will be identified by signage.

Drivers must not stop or park in a bus stop. 

Drivers must not stop or park on, or the approach to a level crossing for a train or tram at any time. 

Drivers must not stop or park in lanes designated for exclusive use of cyclists.

Car and van drivers must not park in spaces designed for motorbikes and mopeds.

Drivers must not park in spaces reserved for Blue Badge holders, unless entitled to do so.

Drivers must not park in spaces designed for the exclusive use of residents, unless they have a permit. 

It is important for motorists to know they must not stop or park in the following places:

  • Anywhere that would prevent the emergency services from accessing
  • On a bend
  • Within 10 metres of, or opposite a junction
  • On or near the brow of a hill or bridge 
  • On or opposite a roundabout or traffic island  
  • In an area where the kerb has been lowered for wheelchair users
  • In front of the entrance to a property   
  • Anywhere that it would cause an obstruction of the road
  • Partially or wholly on a pavement in London (unless signage says otherwise)
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