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Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle left devastated by brutal Liam Cavanagh twist


EMMERDALE’S Chas Dingle has been left devastated by a brutal Liam Cavanagh twist in tonight’s episode.

The Woolpack bar manager – who is played by actress Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap – took a punt to confess her growing feelings towards the GP.

Chas is devastated when she thinks Liam has chosen Ella


Chas is devastated when she thinks Liam has chosen EllaCredit: ITV
What is Ella's game?


What is Ella’s game?Credit: ITV

But she came up against a shock twist when newcomer Ella got involved.

Earlier in the episode Chas’ ex Paddy told her son Aaron to back off from Liam after all the support he’d given Chas.

Unknown to them Ella was listening in intrigued.

And later in the shop, a meddling Leyla got her wires crossed and gave Liam advice to go for it for his mystery lady friend – assuming it was Ella.

She told Ella to go for it while Charity was doing the same thing with Chas.

But as Chas built up her confidence to go and approach Liam, she ended up walking outside where Ella was hurling herself at him.

And when Ella spotted Chas, she grabbed Liam and kissed him in a twisted display.

“I just got caught up in the moment,” said Ella to a shocked Liam after Chas left.

“It felt right, didn’t it? Are you really going to make me say it? I want to be your girlfriend, properly.”

Liam was visibly uncomfortable but went along with what Ella said, while Chas went back to the pub upset.

Later Liam went to Leyla for advice, and confessed his feelings for Chas.

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She told him to get a grip of himself, break up with Ella and go and talk to Chas before it was too late.

But as Liam turned up in a Milk Tray Man outfit, carrying chocolates and flowers, Chas knocked him back assuming he had moved on with Ella.


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Chas told him to get out and lashed out to get him to go away before he could reject her.

But will she realise what’s really going on? And what is Ella’s plan in the village?

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