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App Store faces outage as Apple users get message that platform 'can't connect'


The following Apple services are out

According to Apple System Status, the following services are experiencing outages:

  • App Store
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple Books
  • Apple Fitness+
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Sports
  • Apple TV Channels
  • Apple TV+
  • Audiobooks
  • Mac App Store
  • Podcasts

Many Apple users struggle to connect

Apple users are sharing on X, formerly Twitter, that they cannot connect to any of Apple’s apps.

“Is anyone else having trouble loading the App Store or any of Apple’s apps, like Apple Music, TV+ or Podcasts?” one tweet read alongside screenshots of a “Can’t connect right now,” message.

“Who unplugged Apple [skull emoji] App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, TestFlight, Apple TV, Books, and App Store Connect are all down,” another asked.

Users flock to X

Multiple Apple users are complaining on X, fomerly known as Twitter as multiple services appear to be down.

Issues span across the country

App Store users are reporting that the Apple server is down on Downdetector.

App Store is down across the US
App Store is down across the USCredit: Downdetector

Reports continue to rise

Over 6,000 App Store users are reporting issues wthe the Apple service.

App Store outage reports continues to rise
App Store outage reports continues to riseCredit: Downdetector

Apple Support down

Apple Support is also down during the apparent Apple outage.

Over 500 users reported issues asking for Apple’s customer service after 6 pm EST, according to Downdetector.

“Currently having issues loading Apple TV+, Apple App Store, or anything Apple related on my Apple TV. Model A2737; tvOS 17.4

“Going to attempt to now reset my Xfinity modem, but no other connection issues besides that; I can use Netflix or Paramount, or Disney+ with no issues,” one user shared.

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