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Improve your soil with just one fruit – and it has more than one benefit


Raised gardens explained

Raised gardens are a form of gardening where the soil is raised and enclosed, extending the planting season, reducing weeds, and a more controllable environment for your crops and plants.

It’s important to know which crops to plant and which ones to avoid.

Container gardening tips

While gardening in containers is generally easier than doing so in the ground, here are a few important tips to help keep your plants healthy:

  • Make sure the container has drainage holes
  • Clean the container before use, wash out soil from previous seasons to avoid disease
  • Avoid using toxic containers
  • Place gravel at the bottom of the container to make sure soil doesn’t drain

Use lemon to kill weeds

Expert gardener Fiona Jenkins points out you can easily kill weeds with something as simple as a lemon.

“Simply cut a lemon in half and then squeeze the juice over the weed,” she says.

“The citric acid in the lemon should kill the weed within a few days.”

The gardening guru goes on to say how this method is especially effective when there’s a strong sun shining on the weeds.

“The lemon juice can be used as it is, there is no need to dilute it,” she continues.

“Alternatively, you can get some powdered citric acid and mix this with water in a spray bottle.

“Then, simply spray the weeds with the solution.”

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