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Inside secret sportscar warehouse filled with hundreds of iconic race-winners


A FLEET of luxury supercars – dubbed ‘retirement village’ – is piled high with eye-catching iconic motors.

The expensive collection of luxury motors is perched in Stuttgart, Germany and is stacked with race-winning Porsche vehicles.

An incredible 'retirement village' features rows of iconic Porsche motors


An incredible ‘retirement village’ features rows of iconic Porsche motorsCredit: Porsche
The impressive collection is located in Stuttgart


The impressive collection is located in StuttgartCredit: Porsche

The impressive warehouse features a 959, a handful of 356s ranging from the early Gmünd cars to the later Carrera 2, all of which gained widespread fame after featuring in the iconic Le Mans race, Classic Driver reported.

Porsche’s 911 models also have pride of place, a car which claimed the fifth spot in a 1999 poll to determine the Car of the Century.

Hidden amongst the eye-catching herd is also a 904 GTS and a gorgeous Rothmans-liveried 962 once driven by legendary British driver Derek Bell.

And don’t forget the sleek 919 Hybrid favoured by F1 giant Nico Hulkenberg.

“These cars are left in totally original condition, just as they came back from testing in California, or the Geneva show stand, or the Nürburgring or Le Mans,” photographer Remi Dargegen said.

“To explore this hidden treasure trove is to begin to truly understand the Porsche legend.”

“This is where the Porsche Museum excels – it really is a rolling museum.

“Every day, cars are arriving from the museum, or departing for exhibitions and races around the world.

“Among the very few specific cars that are not demonstrated, but preserved in their original condition, is the 1971 Le Mans-winning 917K, whose magnesium body is particularly fragile, and whose engine has not been started since it crossed the finish line that day.”


It comes after an odd F1 car once driven by an ex-world champion is going on sale for an eye-watering price.

The bizarre six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 replica is set to go under the hammer in May and is expected to make a whopping £544,000.

The P34 originally raced during the 1976 and 1977 seasons and this replica was made many years later in 2008.

As this particular model – owned by none other than racing legend Jody Scheckter – has never raced it’s in “excellent condition.”

The motor’s peculiar six-wheeled design is the brainchild of Tyrrell technical director Derek Gardner.

He figured that he could package smaller wheels below the wing.

The second set of rubber would make up for the tinier size’s reduced contact patch.

There would also be reduced drag compared to the air flowing over the taller tires competitors used.

It’ll go up for auction in May at RM Sotheby’s sale in Monaco, with an estimated price of £381,000 to £544,000.

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