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Rare 50p sells for 279 times its worth – could you have one hidden away?


A RARE 50-pence coin released in 2009 has sold online for 279 times its face value.

There were only 210,000 of the Kew Gardens 50p coins, on which Britain’s royal botanical garden are depicted, minted 15 years ago.

The rare Kew Gardens coin was released in 2009


The rare Kew Gardens coin was released in 2009

One of the rare coins has just sold for £139 on eBay.

The Kew Gardens piece was released in 2009 to commemorate 250 years since the opening of the royal botanic gardens in 1759.

One side of the coin features Kew Gardens’ pagoda, encircled by decorative trailing vines, while the other depicts Queen Elizabeth’s face.

The coin has been described as the rarest and most sought-after 50p coin in circulation.

Between 210,000 and 300,000 of the coins were minted overall.

After listing the 50p coin on eBay on Sunday, with a starting price of £100, the seller was able to sit back and watch as four bidders fought for ownership.

The seller said the coin was “circulated” – meaning they could have found the coin in their back pocket, in their wallet, or down the back of their sofa.

Thirteen bids were placed before the listing closed on Wednesday.

The winner had bid £139 and paid £4.99 for economy delivery, bringing the total cost of their new coin up to £143.99.

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Rare and valuable coins

The Sun has compiled a list of the 10 rarest and most valuable coins.

It might be worth carving out some time to dig through your sofas and see if you have any of these laying around:

  1. Single Market 50p – worth £44
  2. Kew Gardens 50p – worth £245
  3. Great British Coin Hunt Z 10p – worth £10
  4. Commonwealth Games Ireland £2 – worth £80
  5. Commonwealth Games Wales £2 – worth £18
  6. Britannia 5th Portrait £2 – worth £20
  7. FWW Navy 5th Portrait £2 – worth £13
  8. Commonwealth Games England £2 – worth £15
  9. Britannia 50p – worth £14.50
  10. Commonwealth Games Scotland £2 – worth £13

How do I know what my coin is worth?

You can compare your rare coin on online auction sites, or on The Royal Mint website.

But remember that if you intend on selling your coin, the price you get will depend on what someone is willing to pay for it on the day.

And beware of fake coins; do your research and seek a professional opinion if necessary.

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