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Man Utd vs Liverpool LIVE SCORE: Latest updates from Old Trafford


Man Utd 0-1 Liverpool

45. Man Utd will be happy to hear the half-time whistle right now.

They are struggling to string more than two passes together without giving the ball away.

Liverpool have had enough chances already to put this game to bed.

We are going to have two additional minutes.

Man Utd 0-1 Liverpool

43. Bradley comes forward and squares it towards Nunez.

He steps over it and leaves it for Diaz but his shot is deflected wide for a corner.

You kind of feel Man Utd are there for the taking at the moment but if Liverpool do not capitalise and score they may pay the price later in the game.

Man Utd 0-1 Liverpool

41. Play stops as Diaz is given time to get up off the ground.

A heavy challenge from Kambwala leaves him lying on the floor.

There was nothing wrong with the challenge, it was more the follow through that caught him.

Man Utd 0-1 Liverpool

39. Mainoo is pushing high up the pitch when Liverpool have the ball in defence.

If the visitors can capitalise, there are big gaps in the middle of the park alongside Casemiro when he does this.

Currently, it looks as though Klopp’s side are not noticing how much space they have to work with there.

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