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I organize my 4 kids' clothes with $12 Target buys – there are no more arguments


A MOM-OF-FOUR has shared the item she swears by for keeping her house in order.

She elevated a Target buy to create a DIY organizational set-up that she said prevents arguments in her home.

A TikTok user showed her followers the Target buy she used to make her morning routine quicker and easier


A TikTok user showed her followers the Target buy she used to make her morning routine quicker and easierCredit: TikTok juneandivory

In her viral video, the TikTok user showed her followers how she arranged her three oldest sons’ outfits at the beginning of each week.

She explained that her “mom hack” has helped save her time every morning.

Her organizational technique has also prevented “arguments before school.”

She explained that she picks out her kids’ clothes with them in advance so they wouldn’t fight her each morning.

To help add some order to her morning routine, she purchased the $12 Open Front Storage Bin from Target.

The busy mom bought 15 of the clear storage containers and stacked them three across and five up against her son’s bedroom wall.

She color-coordinated each vertical row, assigning one to each of her children.

Each bin was labeled with a day of the week, in which she placed her kids’ clothes for that day.

She demonstrated the simple process for her followers, showing them how quickly she was able to organize the outfits.

The daily outfits consisted of socks, underwear, pajamas, and pull-ups.

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Every morning, she was able to speed up the getting-ready routine for her kids.

The set-up also helped keep her house clean and organized and even helped her laundry process.

While she admitted she couldn’t take credit for the idea, the busy mom did describe it as a “life changer.”

She called it the “best mom hack for my family” in the caption of the clip.

The mom added that the boxes are particularly helpful for spirit week and picture days at school.

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Her followers shared their thoughts on the hack in the comments section.

“I did this for my kids for school and it’s been amazing! No more crazy mornings looking for clothes,” wrote one impressed viewer.

“My boys are now 30 and 25. I did this with them but back then they were just piled nicely in a corner,” said another TikTok user.

“Sad to say this but my husband needs this more than our children,” joked a third person.

“I’ve been doing this for years for school clothes, [it] takes all the stress out of the mornings,” said another follower.

The busy mom showed her audience how she sets out her sons' clothes at the beginning of every week


The busy mom showed her audience how she sets out her sons’ clothes at the beginning of every weekCredit: TikTok juneandivory

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