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For The Love Of Dogs fans name FOUR ways to fix show


FOR The Love Of Dogs fans have suggested four different ways to fix the ITV show.

New host Alison Hammond has suffered backlash since taking over from the late Paul O’Grady at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Alison Hammond is the new presenter of For the Love of Dogs


Alison Hammond is the new presenter of For the Love of DogsCredit: Rex

Some have pointed out that Alison doesn’t have any pets, which lead them to believe she isn’t as passionate about animals as Paul was.

Here we take a look at viewers’ opinions on how For the Love of Dogs could have been improved before its return last week.

Get Alison a co-presenter

Alison presents This Morning on Fridays with Dermot O'Leary


Alison presents This Morning on Fridays with Dermot O’LearyCredit: instagram

As a regular presenter on This Morning, Alison is used to working with a co-host.

She teams up with Dermot O’Leary on Fridays, but has gone solo for The Love of Dogs.


One viewer said: “My opinion is they should alter the format a little with preferably a couple of new presenters who are definitely not like Paul as nobody can directly replace his style.”

Rename the show

Alison Hammond fights back tears on For the Love of Dogs as stray who was abandoned in cemetery undergoes major surgery

Others have hit back at criticism over Alison as host – but insist the show should be renamed.

One fan said: “I really like Alison, but I’m not sure how I feel about this.
I felt maybe the show could’ve been retired under the title of For the Love of Dogs and given a new name so it wasn’t Alison directly standing in Paul’s shoes.

“I do feel for Alison a bit as there was always going to be comparisons and criticisms.

“Part of me wonders if she really needed the gig as she has enough TV work going on, but who knows if she does have a genuine passion or interest we haven’t really seen yet.”

Another said: “Whilst the show wasn’t about Paul the title and format were in his style.

“Take the title “For the Love of Dogs” it is an obvious spin on the phrase For the Love of God, which is very much a typical Paulism in my opinion. You can just see Paul saying it and giving an eye roll.

“Format and name change for the best I think but the makers have decided otherwise perhaps to appeal to viewers.”

Replace Alison with Ben Fogle

Some viewers have put Ben Fogle up for the job


Some viewers have put Ben Fogle up for the jobCredit: Rex

Others have suggested Alison isn’t suitable for the role – mainly because she doesn’t have any pets of her own.

It’s been claimed that other presenters may have been better suited – with some naming Ben Fogle for the job.

One fan said: “Ben Fogle, if he gets tired of all his travelling, would make a good host.”

Change the format

While some believe Paul’s death should have inspired producers to change the format of the show.

They believe that because Paul is “irreplaceable”, the show should have copied the style of The Dog House on Channel 4, which doesn’t have a presenter.

One said: “Give the show a format change and make it more like The Dog House.”

Another agreed saying: “For me they should have forgone a presenter and just used the staff like The Dog House do.”

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