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I hit the jackpot at Marshall's – It was real, I was shocked it was only $13


A BARGAIN shopper has shared the clothing steal that she found at Marshalls.

Her thrift “jackpot” was not only real, but to her shock, it only came out to $13.

Ashley shared the fashion jackpot she found at Marshalls


Ashley shared the fashion jackpot she found at MarshallsCredit: TikTok/ashphroditex

Ashley (@ashphroditex) shared the fashion haul in a viral TikTok video.

“I hit the jackpot today with this one,” she wrote.

“Did I just find Lululemon at Marshalls? There’s no way.”

In her shopping cart sat a sky-blue shirt with the signature Lululemon logo on the back.

She explained that she was initially thrown off by a “random” clothing brand tag attached to the top.

After doing her homework, however, she confirmed that the shirt was legitimate.

The shocking series of events concluded when she paid just $13 for the luxury athleisure item.

Lululemon shirts normally start at $48 per pair.

One viewer was skeptical about the item’s authenticity.

“Does it have the size dot?” she asked, referencing the brand’s signature size indicator.

I bought $20 earrings at a flea market – they’re at least 150 years old, I knew their true worth and tested the gold

Ashley confirmed that the shirt checked out, with a legitimate size dot.

Shoppers and Lululemon fans shared their collective shock and envy.

“Ugh you always find the deals,” said one commenter.

Ashley explained that shopping was more fun when she turned it into a game.

I hit the jackpot today with this one.


“Going to these stores is like a scavenger hunt for me,” she replied.

“Girl… you’re so lucky! I can never find Lululemon at my Marshalls that I go to,” said another.

“I’m sorry what? I literally have this shirt and I paid $65 for it,” said a third.

“Real or not it looks good enough for me,” joked a fourth.

Other bargain shoppers shared their tips and tricks to find expensive brands for cheap.

“Burlington has a ton of Lululemon too,” said one commenter.

“I found Athleta at Ross today,” said another.

She was able to confirm its authenticity by finding the size dot


She was able to confirm its authenticity by finding the size dotCredit: TikTok/ashphroditex

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