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Chelsea legend John Terry wins over Man Utd fans with 'spot on' football take


CHELSEA legend John Terry won over Manchester United fans with his “spot on” football take.

The former England captain and five-time Premier League winner hasn’t always been the most popular man at Old Trafford.

Man Utd fans agreed with a hot football take from Chelsea legend John Terry


Man Utd fans agreed with a hot football take from Chelsea legend John TerryCredit: Getty

Terry famously slipped over while missing a penalty in Chelsea’s 2007 Champions League defeat to United.

And Red Devils fans to this day still sing about the moment with their “Viva John Terry” chant.

But many softened their stance on the Blues icon after he was asked a curious question on TNT Sports.

Terry is widely considered to be one of the best center-backs in history, and arguably the greatest-ever in the Premier League.

In front of a camera, Terry was asked to quickly choose between three other title winning centre-backs in a game of ‘Start, Bench, Sell’.

JT was given the options of Man Utd favourite Nemanja Vidic, fellow ex-Red Devil Gary Pallister and current Liverpool skipper Virgil van Dijk.

Terry laughed as he pondered the options before delivering a verdict that delighted United fans.

Terry said: “I’m going to, I love Gary Pallister, but I’m going to have to sell Gary Pallister.


JT said he would start Nemanja Vidic


JT said he would start Nemanja VidicCredit: Getty
Virgil van Dijk was on Terry's bench


Virgil van Dijk was on Terry’s benchCredit: Reuters
Gary Pallister was the player he sold


Gary Pallister was the player he soldCredit: Getty

“I’m going to bench Virgil, and I’m going to start Nemanja Vidic.”

This saw United fans hails Terry’s decision.

John Terry’s prediction comes true as footage emerges of Chelsea legend calling Blues star ‘really, really good player

One said: “Spot on.”

Another declared: “He knows ball.”

One noted: “Proper player talking common sense.”

Another added: “Finally a football person.”

Terry’s hot take comes after he revealed he BLOCKED a Chelsea flight from leaving after a heated row with ex-boss Andre Villas-Boas over first-class seats.

Reflecting on the 2011 incident, JT said: “We get on the plane, we get on and I’m sitting in economy on a 13-hour flight and we’ve got Josh McEachran, Nathaniel Chalobah, couple of other young players in first class.

“And this was part of AVB’s going, ‘No, no. No player’s bigger than me. Everyone’s the same.’

“So I’m on the plane going, ‘No, no, we’re not going anywhere until these young players go back in economy and the first-team players that have built this club to where it is today go back in first’.

“This was one of his first things in front of everyone, in the end it spins so all first-team players fly first, younger players go back in economy.

“That’s how it should be, these younger players are striving to be where we’ve got and he tried to make a statement on day one and he failed instantly because I promise you, the plane wasn’t going.

“And, it would have gone without myself, Frank and Didier.”

Was John Terry right?

Let’s take a look at the trio’s Premier League stats:

Nemanja Vidic (start)

Virgil van Dijk (bench)

Gary Pallister (sell)

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