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You've got 20/20 vision if you can find the clean spot on the floor in 10secs


IN this extraordinarily messy room, there is a small patch of clear space you have to find.

The jam-packed space is filled with dogs, cats, boxes, chairs, washing machines and so much more.

Can you spot the open space in this messy room?


Can you spot the open space in this messy room?Credit: Luxury Flooring & Furnishings

The messy illusion from perfectly captures the chaos of someone during moving day.

Though the space is quite a disaster, there is a small area that is completely clear.

Set a timer for 10 seconds and do your best to keep your eyes peeled for the clean floor.

This challenge has proven to be difficult as there are so many miscellaneous items to be distracted by.

It might also be a challenge because you’re unsure what the floor you’re tasked with looking for should look like.

Only 5 percent of people could find the clear patch of floor in under a minute, according to Luxury Flooring & Furnishings.

Most people needed two minutes to find the sliver of space.

To make sure you find the area with ease and in 10 seconds, here are a few hints that should help.

Keep your eyes open for a herringbone pattern in two tones of warm, light wood.

If you need another hint, try to split the image in half or in fourths.

Everyone sees the rows of ducks – but you have a genius IQ & 20/20 vision if you can tell how many there are in 10 secs

You find the patterned flooring along the bottom left side of the cluttered space.

If you were able to find it, you have 20/20 vision. For those who are still having trouble, the answer is circled below.


There are many more challenges where that came from.

In this next brainteaser, try to find the gift in this assorted pattern.

Can you find the gift in this wild pattern?


Can you find the gift in this wild pattern?Credit: Buyagift

Hidden among tea stands, wine, helicopters, tickets and more is one single present.

The creator of the illusion, Buyagift, said that only a few people have been able to beat the record of 51 seconds.

If you are having trouble focusing, split the image into fourths and focus on each quadrant individually.

This next challenge is perfect for spring. Try to find a little bee in the sea of colorful flowers.

There is a small bee hiding in one of the flowers


There is a small bee hiding in one of the flowersCredit: 888 Casino

It’s a bit hard to spot with all the colors and the repeating six-flower designs.

Do your best to check each flower as the pollinator could be hiding anywhere.

The science behind optical illusions

This brief explanation may help to unscramble your brain…

  • Optical illusions make a little bit more sense when you learn that our eyes have very little to do with what we see and it is our brains that play the key role in creating images and trying to protect us from the potential threats around us
  • Our brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world at the quickest pace it can despite the world being in 3D and the images on our retinas being in 2D
  • It can be really difficult for your brain to interpret everything at once so it will often take shortcuts and give you a simplified version of what you see so you can have quicker reaction times if the object you’re looking at looks dangerous
  • When you look at an object what you’re really seeing is the light that bounced off of it and entered your eye, which is converted into electrical impulses that your brain then turns into an image
  • Our brains can warp straight lines if an object in the middle of them looks like it’s drawing closer as it wants to emphasize the potential threat
  • Different colours and light and dark can make the same sized objects look different or make patterned images look like they’re spinning
The clearing has been circled for you


The clearing has been circled for youCredit: Luxury Flooring & Furnishings
Did you find the present?


Did you find the present?Credit: Buyagift
The bee was in the bottom left of the image


The bee was in the bottom left of the imageCredit: 888 Casino
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