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Lucy Beaumont demands ban on service 'putting babies in pain' at major chain


COMEDIAN Lucy Beaumont has demanded the boycott of Claire’s Accessories – as she accuses the high street chain of “putting babies in pain”.

The Celebrity Gogglebox star has furiously hit out at the shop for piercing babies‘ ears.

Lucy Beaumont wants to make child ear piercing illegal


Lucy Beaumont wants to make child ear piercing illegalCredit: TV Film company


She recently split from her husband Jon Richardson


She recently split from her husband Jon RichardsonCredit: �UKTV/James Stack

She’s called for the popular service to be made illegal and encouraged fans to avoid the store.

Lucy wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Why isn’t it illegal to pierce a baby’s ears?

“I’d like to boycott them [Claire’s Accessories] to make it stop, it’s mental.

“I recently saw a baby go from smiley and happy to in complete shock and in pain.. plus the risk of infection.


Babies don’t need earrings!”

Many piercing salons impose their own age restrictions for body piercings.

However, there is no legal age restriction for any kind of piercing in England and Wales.

One of Lucy’s followers replied: “I was in Claire’s Bromley last week- a baby screaming loudly being held tightly by her dad.

“I found it very distressing. I think she gave up in the end but the fact she tried for at least 5 mins despite the screaming made me feel sick.”

Another said: “I hate it. Was in there looking for clips once and they shot a baby with a earring gun who started screaming. Just a nice relaxing browse round the shops.”

Someone else added: “I hate to see babies and young children with their ears pierced. It should be illegal. If parents pierced a hole in the child’s skin at home they would be arrested.”

However another argued: “I had my ears pierced the day I was born; gold, a gift from my paternal grandmother.

Lucy Beaumont storms off the Taskmaster stage during a task

“I wore those until I was 11…without them I would have looked like a boy. I can report no PTSD or any other type of trauma as a result of wearing them. Live and let live. Moving on…”

Lucy is mum to an eight-year-old daughter called Elsie Louise, who she shares with her recently-estranged ex Jon Richardson.

The famous couple announced their separation after nine years of marriage.

Releasing a statement on Instagram, they said: “After 9 years of marriage, we would like to announce that we have separated.

“We have jointly and amicably made the difficult decision to divorce and go our separate ways.

“As our only priority is managing this difficult transition for our daughter, we would ask that our privacy is respected at this sensitive timeto protect her well-being.

“We will be making no further comment. Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont.”

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