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I'm having incredible sex with rich man – but he's about to get married


DEAR DEIDRE: I’M enjoying the hottest sex of my life with a man I knew from my secondary school days . . . the only problem is, he’s engaged to be married.

When I knew him at school I didn’t realise how rich his ­family was.

He lives in absolute luxury and has promised me I’ll never need to work again if we’re together.

But — and it’s a big but — he has a fiancée.

She is also from a wealthy background, but he insists he isn’t in love with her and doesn’t even fancy her.

He says he’s only staying with her as his parents and hers are close friends and he can’t bear to upset the two families.

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I’m 23 and he’s 26. We met when I visited his house to design a new garden gym for him.

Walking up the driveway, I noticed the luxury cars parked there and was surprised when this man, who used to be friends with my older brother, opened the door.

At school I used to fantasise about him, so I was excited when he started flirting with me while I measured up.

After offering me a coffee, he casually leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. It was incredible.

We were alone in his huge house and it took all my self- control to hold back from having sex with him right there on the kitchen counter.

He asked me to go around the next day “to check the measurements” and that time I ended up staying the night, although we didn’t get any sleep because we were so busy having sex.

The next morning he admitted he was engaged but said I’d really turned his head.

His fiancée works away for weeks at a time and he’s been really up front explaining he wants us to be lovers and says he’d set me up in a flat in the centre of town so we can party day and night.

I have a boyfriend and would finish with him but I don’t know if this fling will last.

DEIDRE SAYS: I doubt it. Maybe the sex seems special because he’s older, rich and you had a childhood crush on him.

But this man is with someone else and isn’t offering you anything emotionally.

He thinks you can be bought with promises of a free flat but would such an arrangement really make you happy?

Meanwhile, it would help to look at your relationship with your boyfriend.

Either put some energy into it so you feel more committed or call it a day and free him to find someone else.

My support pack Your Lover Not Free? will help you see this fling for what it is.

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