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I live on ROUNDABOUT with wife in shanty town – we’re beaten but have no choice


A MAN who lives on a roundabout with his wife says they are beaten and set on fire by thugs – but said they have no choice.

Majid Sami moved into a makeshift shack on the overgrown Birmingham traffic island several years ago.

Majid Sami lives on an overgrown Birmingham roundabout


Majid Sami lives on an overgrown Birmingham roundaboutCredit: BPM

The 48-year-old moved to the UK around the start of the millennium after fleeing his home country Iran.

He had been serving in the Iranian army – but deserted to avoid “shooting innocent people”.

Majid married in 2006 and lived a “normal” life until he was jailed over an assault in 2016, the Birmingham Mail reports.

His marriage fell apart following his conviction and he ended up homeless and unable to work because of his criminal record.

He lives with his new partner on the roundabout, relying on food and money donated by locals or charities.

But Majid said the couple are sometimes left with “no other choice” but to shoplift their food.

He said arsonists had torched their makeshift tent three times in three years.

Majid is also nursing a broken arm after he was allegedly beaten in the street by a stranger.

He said the arm is now infected – and that he can’t take medicine for it because of his drug addiction.

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Majid said his partner is now stricken with cancer – and the couple just want a “second chance”.

He told the Birmingham Mail: “We want somewhere to live. Not having to go and rob food to feed myself.

“It’s not nice when security catch you – but I’ve got no other option.

“If I see a dog on the corner of the street, and it’s ill and in pain, I will go and help.

“Even if I’ve got nothing, I will go and get something.”

Homelessness charity Trident Reach said it had visited the roundabout three times – but could not find the couple.

The charity said it offers people a number of accommodation options as well as support for substance abuse and “complex needs”.

Birmingham City Council said: “The council is aware of this couple and several services are involved in providing support.

“Staff regularly visit and are working with them on number of issues.

“We would encourage anyone concerned about someone sleeping rough to report this on the StreetLink website.”


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Majid said he just wants a 'second chance'


Majid said he just wants a ‘second chance’Credit: BPM
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