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My nosey neighbour records my garden on his CCTV – it even swivels to my hot tub


A WOMAN has been left mortified after discovering what her neighbour’s CCTV is really looking at.

Taking to social media, she sought advice after being left creeped out by her neighbour.

She was left horrified by her neighbour's 'creepy' CCTV


She was left horrified by her neighbour’s ‘creepy’ CCTVCredit: Alamy

She said: “I found this out by accident…I don’t think I was ever meant to know.

“Anyway, I knew my neighbour had CCTV installed, and recently found out that it covers all of my driveway, and a lot of my garden.

“I’ve even heard / seen the camera swivel when I was in the hot tub!

“Pretty sure that’s not allowed.”

The woman had already been creeped out by her neighbour but she recently found out it was much worse than she realised.

She continued: “But I’ve more recently found out, that their CCTV also records sound, even the teeniest noise is picked up.

“On a rare day off, I’ve had what I thought were private conversations with friends in the top corner of my garden, when everyone else was at work.

“As it turns out, every single word will have been recorded.

“I feel violated.”

She was now left wondering whether or not to report him, although she wasn’t sure it would do much.

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“I have no privacy at all and it’s really starting to get to me,” she explained.

“I avoid areas in my garden I know he can see and I don’t say very much when I’m outside or have the windows / doors open.

“He has his nose in to everything around here and I’ve really had enough.”

She was also concerned he would lie to police and say the noise recorder was disabled but still continue to use it.

The laws on CCTV

The Information Commissioners Officer states that the use of recording equipment, such as CCTV or smart door bells, to capture video or sound recordings outside the user’s property boundary is not a breach of data protection law.

People should try to point their CCTV cameras away from their neighbours’ homes and gardens, shared spaces or public streets.

The post on Mumsnet attracted plenty of people who took tot he comments to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: “Just ask the police to go round and check he isn’t recording or perving on you. CCTV isn’t allowed to encroach your property or privacy.”

Another commented: “I’d also play white noise close to where his camera is to make it hard for the camera to record your conversations. I’d really not be happy with this. It’s so intrusive.”

“You can’t record people in their own environment! I’d be seeking some free lawyer advice as to what your rights are! Good luck,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Put up a high fence so he can’t see you.”

Someone else added: “I would have deliberate conversations when you have friends over about how your neighbour has cameras and recorders everywhere so no gossip allowed.”

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