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Supernanny scared me off having my own children


DEAR DEIDRE: After watching a few episodes of Supernanny I am now terrified of having children of my own, even though it is something my partner and I have talked about.

I am 31 and my partner is 33. We have been together for three years. 

Recently I started watching the series and found it upsetting and hard to watch.

Some of the children featured had explosive tantrums, or even ran away. There was also an episode with a violent teenager, and another where the parents favoured the youngest of four children.

I felt so sorry for all of them, but instead of moving on after the programme finished, I continued to worry about them. 

Where I was looking forward to becoming a mum before, I’m so aware now of all the things that can go wrong. I’ve got this unshakable doubt about whether I could cope.

It is really putting me off being a parent.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s true that having children can completely change your life, but no matter what the challenges, they really do enhance your life. 

Watching your child develop can be extremely rewarding.

All families have obstacles to overcome at one point or another, but that is what families are about – working together to deal with problems.

Television shows portray the worst and most extreme situations because they entertain the viewers, so please don’t let it put you off.

Talk to friends and family you trust to help you vocalise and deal with this anxiety.

My support pack Want To Have A Baby may help you when the time is right.

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