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Wedding expert reveals which trends to avoid & says sparklers are a nightmare


WITH wedding season just around the corner, many brides are under pressure as they prepare for their big day.

One expert has revealed which wedding trends are worth skipping on your big day.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable bride and groom standing together


Cropped shot of an unrecognizable bride and groom standing together

If you lived through the noughties, you’ll probably have seen countless bridesmaids dressed in turquoise and brides wearing strapless dresses.

Though it can make you feel nostalgic, it’s proof that wedding trends often don’t stand the test of time and will look dated in just a few years.

While we can’t predict the future, one wedding expert has revealed which wedding trends she thinks brides should be avoiding.

Ironically, many of these have become a staple during ceremonies.

Big bouquets and lavish decor are on the way out, according to experts


Big bouquets and lavish decor are on the way out, according to expertsCredit: Getty


Flowers are an essential part of most brides’ big day, but some experts have warned against oversized bouquets.

With minimalism becoming a major trend for weddings, it’s better to have a slightly smaller design that will look elegant and timeless for years to come.

While all brides want to have the perfect backdrop to their big day, one wedding expert also suggests that geometric ceremony arches make your ceremony look dated.

“Geometric ceremony arches rode the boho desert wedding trend, too, and will sadly date a couple’s wedding photos,” events planner Jacqueline Hallgarth told marthastewart.com.

If you want to have a chic ceremony though, also avoid overused palm leaves, dried flowers and pampas grass which were everywhere during the boho trend.

Faux hedges and flower walls lined with Champagne are also on their way out, according to the wedding planner.

She explained: “This is unnecessary and cheesy wedding décor…Instead, spend the money on a real hedge wall with real blooms.”

Events planner Jacqueline Hallgarth says to spend money on fresh blooms


Events planner Jacqueline Hallgarth says to spend money on fresh bloomsCredit: Getty
I planned my wedding in 4 weeks & only spent £2k – I bought loads from Shein and Primark, the real money-saver was the Lidl buffet


With the ceremony over, brides can look forward to the reception.

However, there are more ways to save here too.

According to Hallgarth, custom wedding signs are usually not needed as they are only seen when guests arrive at the venue.

She explained: “Instead of having a large sign guests see once, I would spend the money on having your guests greeted with a glass of Champagne or rosé…it’s a much warmer welcome.”

Don’t expect each of your groomsmen and bridesmaids to make an individual entrance either.

Not only will this save you time on the big day, having the DJ introduce them in groups ensures that no one will be left feeling anxious on the dancefloor.

Wedding planners have also urged brides-to-be to avoid sparklers


Wedding planners have also urged brides-to-be to avoid sparklersCredit: Alamy


Brides-to-be also don’t need to buy embossed keychains and magnets either, as guests rarely notice when wedding favours aren’t on tables.

Rather than spending between £5-£6 per favour, experts say it is better to use your money on entertainment for your guests – like photobooths or extra desserts.

Paper wedding guest books are also being scrapped with modern couples getting their loved ones to record audio or video messages.

If you were hoping to end your big day on a high note, Laura Ritchie, also suggests skipping the sparklers and having the couple head off to their favourite love song.

The principal designer at Grit & Grace told marthastewart.com: “We are officially calling an end to sparkler send-offs!

“As a planner, it’s a nightmare to gather drunken guests and line them up to light a long sword of fireworks for just ‘one final shot’ from the photographer.”

Couples are also opting for subtler wedding and minimal trends


Couples are also opting for subtler wedding and minimal trends


Weddings should be as individual as the bride and groom, but this doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune.

Most wedding experts have seen brides adopting a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to their big day, with minimalism and subtle designs becoming more popular.

No couple should feel forced to follow trends or traditions that make them feel uncomfortable either, especially as it is your big day.

Whether you refuse to throw the bouquet or toss a garter, your wedding will still be complete and special to you.

A Bride’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gifts

Fabulous’s Digital Editor, Lydia Major, has shared her thoughts as a former bride on what to buy – and what not to buy – a couple for their big day.

I’m a traditionalist so I love to go to a wedding with a list. A list where the price points vary, the prezzies are a mix and there’s something for everyone. The joy of a list is we know the bride and groom want these things and we know no one else will buy the same – for me, that’s a win-win. I got married 8 years ago and still remember who bought us a certain photo frame or the posh-plate that only comes out at parties. 

But, that being said, if someone doesn’t have a list I still would NEVER turn up empty handed. That’s plain rude. Even if the wedding cost an arm and a leg to get there. A wedding takes months, if not years,of planning, costs a fortune and it’s one of the best days out and the best parties you ever go to, so a small gesture of thanks is essential. 

I still remember those who didn’t even bring a card to mine! 

Also I don’t think a couple should ever quibble if guests want to give you a wedding present that’s not on your list – older generations, in particular, may feel this is more personal.

To be honest, it’s weddings where the couple want money contributed to their honeymoon or their house fund that makes me feel awkward. Is £50 tight, £150 too lavish? Where’s the benchmark? I spend weeks agonising over it talking to anyone or everyone going and then normally take a stab in the middle.

So for me – always go for a list, stick to the list and let the list be your guide!! 

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