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Gogglebox slammed for ‘slagging off’ ginger people as celebs vow to switch off


GOGGLEBOX’S celebrity viewers were left less than pleased after show favourites Pete and Sophie Sandiford were heard “mocking ginger people”. 

The brother and sister duo tuned into the first episode of Milf Manor, the new reality show on Discovery+ that sees older women look for love with younger men. 

As the men arrived at the manor, the stars of Gogglebox were particularly taken with 27-year-old Chris, an MMA fighter and model from Kentucky. 

In his introduction video, Chris proudly declared: “I ain’t gonna lie, I love my hispanic women, I love my asian women, my thick women, slim women, white women, black women…” 

Pete then interjected: “What about gingers?” prompting sister Sophie to go “Oh, no” before they both started laughing. 

The quip was picked up immediately by viewers, who thought it was disrespectful. 

Coronation Street star Sally Ann Matthews led the charge, saying: “See it’s still totally acceptable to slag off Ginger people. Thanks @C4Gogglebox.” 

She was soon backed up by a fan, who added: “As a fellow ginge it makes me quite upset. I got bullied terribly at school for it.

“It’s not acceptable to call people fat or anything else, so why is it okay to slag off hair colour?” 

“With you. Being ginger made me a target for the first 16 yrs of my life,” Sally Ann responded. “Then it was all ‘Oh your hair is amazing!.’ I get it now. Constantly being told how amazing my hair is.

“So WHY slag it off in others you f**kers?? Usually I suck it up but in this woke world why should I x”

Another fan added: “Yeah it got my back up too. Even when said in a joking way it’s not nice and shouldn’t be accepted as ok.

“I’m ginger and proud now but growing up I was bullied because of it so its horrible hearing people saying things like that”. 

“Really bored of people joking about Ginger hair. Yawn,” said another. 

Even Sophie and Pete’s great uncle, Paul Chuckle, got involved, adding: “[Wife] Sue thought the same,” alongside an eye roll emoji.

Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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