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Josie Gibson snaps at Ben Shephard as she's grilled on Stephen Mulhern 'romance'


BEN Shephard continued to be on the wind-up on This Morning when he took to grilling Josie Gibson over her rumoured romance with Stephen Mulhern. 

Stephen and Josie were snapped holding hands backstage of Saturday Night Takeaway last month, sparking speculation their long-time working relationship had turned romantic. 

Josie introduced her 'new boyfriend' on the show, prompting a joke from Ben


Josie introduced her ‘new boyfriend’ on the show, prompting a joke from BenCredit: This Morning
Stephen and Josie sparked romance rumours after they were seen holding hands


Stephen and Josie sparked romance rumours after they were seen holding handsCredit: MagicmomentsUK

On Tuesday’s This Morning, Stephen was grilled by Ben and his co-host Cat Deeley, who couldn’t resist pushing him for answers about them being together. 

Despite Stephen’s denials, that didn’t stop Ben from pushing Josie when she appeared on the show today. 

Josie reported from outside the television studio, covering a segment on camping accessories needed to survive in the wilderness, complete with tents put up and mannequins. 

Ben, noticing a dummy on the set, pointed it out and asked: “What’s that over your right shoulder?”

Rolling with a joke, Josie introduced the doll as “her new boyfriend” and said: “He’s got more personality than the last.”

“Don’t tell Stephen Mulhern… he’ll be furious!” laughed Ben. 

Josie brushed off the jab, simply responding: “You two are so naughty!” 

Her brush-off comment came just a day after Stephen was also subjected to Ben and Cat mercilessly picking on him about the photos. 

The TV presenter appeared on This Morning as a guest, promoting his new book, Max Magic, a fictional tale about a young boy who discovers magic. 

But Cat and Ben were more interested in getting information out of him, and when he joined in on a segment trying out ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), Ben joked he was making himself too at home. 

Stephen Mulhern finally breaks silence on romance rumours with This Morning’s Josie Gibson as he is grilled by Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley

“Is that because he’s dating one of the family? Is that what it is?!” he laughed, causing Stephen to jump up from the massage table he was laying down on and telling him to “shut his face”. 

Later on, as his interview wound to a close, Cat and Ben went in for more information again, saying the photos “spoke for themselves”. 

With only seconds before the end of the show, Stephen finally cracked, and said: “Listen, she didn’t turn up to rehearsals, I held her hand and I showed her where to stand. 

“That is it. Finito!”

“Uh-huh, really? Your lips are sealed?” poked Cat, while Ben said, “Me thinks he protest too much.”

Josie Gibson’s romances

JOSIE Gibson is still single after being unlucky in love. Here’s who she’s previously dated:

  • 2010: John James Parton – After both appearing on Big Brother, the pair continued their romance outside the house for a year. He went on to join Love Island Australia.
  • 2012: Luke Sanwo – The plumber and Josie got engaged six months into their whirlwind romance. However, the romance fizzled out by April 2015 and they split.
  • 2017: Terry – Known only as Terry in the public eye, he was a long-time family friend of Josie’s. The couple welcomed son Reggie in 2018, but they’d broken up by the end of that year.
  • August 2023: Mystery ManJosie spoke of a new romance in August last year in a discussion on Shopping With Keith Lemon. At the time she declined to identify him, saying it was “early stages”.

As the pair burst into laughter, a flustered and red-faced Stephen asked: “Why are you doing this to me?! Unbelievable!”

With the show closing out, Cat could be heard asking for “thumbscrews” suggesting she’d torture the information out of him.

Josie and Stephen have been friends for years as part of ITV’s stable of talent, appearing together on Saturday Night Takeaway, This Morning and Catchphrase together among other shows. 

When previously asked about their relationship status, Josie, 39, joked to the Mail: “I’m in love with Stephen Mulhern. There you go… But, story of my life, I don’t think he loves me.”

Ben couldn't resist a jab at his co-star's expense


Ben couldn’t resist a jab at his co-star’s expenseCredit: Rex
Josie is keeping mum on her love life


Josie is keeping mum on her love lifeCredit: Getty
Stephen was left dumbfounded after being similarly grilled on Tuesday's show


Stephen was left dumbfounded after being similarly grilled on Tuesday’s showCredit: ITV
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