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Woman & man accused of 'blackmailing' top F1 boss have charges dropped


TWO people charged with blackmailing a top F1 executive have had all charges against them discontinued.

Ryan Hilton, 42, and Sarah Surita, 31, were accused of demanding cash from a former high-ranking team chief.

The alleged blackmail relates to an 'unwarranted demand of money' in November 2014 (stock image)


The alleged blackmail relates to an ‘unwarranted demand of money’ in November 2014 (stock image)Credit: Getty

The alleged blackmail related to an “unwarranted demand of money” in November 2014, according to court papers.

The pair had not entered pleas and yesterday the charges against them were formally discontinued in a two-minute hearing at Reading Crown Court, which neither defendant attended.

Defence barrister Nadia Shabat said: “This case should not have been on the listings as the matter was discontinued.

“As such, the prosecution was told they would not be required to attend.”

Judge Amjad Nawaz confirmed: “This is a discontinuation hearing.

“The matter will not be called on. The case is discontinued.”

The judge did not explain why the case was called off but said he believed the decision to end proceedings was taken too late for it to be pulled from court listings.

Hilton, from Maidenhead, Berkshire, had faced two counts of fraud by false representation.

He was also charged with stalking without fear, alarm or distress relating to “repeated social media posts of a derogatory nature”.

Surita, 31, who also uses the surname Westbury and lives in Slough, faced one charge of fraud by false representation.

It is understood they were set to deny the charges.

The Crown Prosecution Service was invited to comment on why the charges were dropped.

At a hearing earlier this year held at East Berkshire magistrates’ court in Slough, the pair, understood to have been charged in January, were released on bail — but ordered not to contact their alleged victim.

The court heard they denied making threats or that their actions amounted to blackmail.

They also claim the alleged victim’s complaint to the police was inaccurate, it was said.

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