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The Chase's Anne Hegerty beats AI by answering ALL her questions correctly


QUIZ queen Anne Hegerty has bot what it takes to outsmart an AI challenger.

The Chase star — known as The Governess — beat the ChatGPT chatbot in a head-to-head contest.

The Chase star Anne Hegarty beat an AI chatbot in a head-to-head quiz


The Chase star Anne Hegarty beat an AI chatbot in a head-to-head quizCredit: ITV

Brainy Anne, 65, answered all her questions correctly to chase down the bot, just like in the ITV show.

Her robot rival had wrongly named Neighbours, rather than Coronation Street, as the soap which screened its 9,000th episode in 2016.

Anne’s challenge was part of a study where the ChatGPT system was asked 348 questions from five quiz shows.

They were The Chase, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Mastermind, University Challenge and Eggheads.

In each case the bot blew the chance to record a perfect score.

It left Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with just £4,000 after failing to identify the year the Great Fire of London took place.

By contrast, when the episode was originally aired a contestant got it right and went on to win £125,000.

For Mastermind, the robot was less accurate than four real contestants.

It got two out of 12 questions correct on Scottish author Dame Muriel Spark and struggled with cricket knowledge.

For University Challenge it got 67 questions right out of a possible 76.

The Chase fans all have the same complaint about Anne Hegarty – demanding brand new line-up of chasers

And for Eggheads it mistakenly thought a 1p coin was smaller than a 5p piece.

BonusCodeBets, which set the quiz, said: “We can be reassured Anne won’t be replaced by a robot any time soon.”

The four questions the bot got wrong


The four questions the bot got wrong
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