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Clever Google Maps hack that's a game changer for holidaymakers with suitcases


A TRAVEL expert has revealed a Google Maps hack perfect for holidaymakers who have to drag a suitcase around a new city.

An experienced traveller has shared a new trick that allows people with suitcases to avoid using stairs.

This travel expert's viral hack amassed more than 155,000 likes on Instagram


This travel expert’s viral hack amassed more than 155,000 likes on InstagramCredit: Instagram/its_rods_world
The hack allows you to avoid stairs


The hack allows you to avoid stairsCredit: Instagram/its_rods_world
Hundreds of people have reacted to the viral hack online


Hundreds of people have reacted to the viral hack onlineCredit: Instagram/its_rods_world

The post went viral and received more than 155,000 likes on Instagram.

In the video, the travel expert said to click the three dots in the top right-hand corner when you open Google Maps.

“Then you’re going to want to select options,” he added.

This will take you to a page called, Trip Options, where you can either select “avoid ferries” or “wheelchair accessible”.

The expert recommends selecting “wheelchair accessible as it will avoid all stairs, prefers elevators and will essentially make sure you’re on streets you can walk on with suitcases”.

For example, if you just arrived in a city and the hotel is 300 metres away, this Google Maps hack will ensure your trip is as flat as possible.

Hundreds of people have reacted to the viral hack online.

One user said: “This is so incredibly helpful when travelling with a baby and you have a stroller.”

“Considering we had to replace the wheels on our suitcases due to all the stairs and cobblestones, this is a great hack,” another added.

A third wrote: “Ooooooooo – no more broken suitcase wheels.”

It comes after a travel influencer lifted the lid on five easy hacks everyone should know about.


Grace Cheng took to TikTok to share her savvy advice with other travellers.

She revealed passengers can take water through security but only if it is frozen.

“All you’ve got to do is freeze the water before you leave for the airport and before you hit security, just drink whatever has melted,” Grace added.

“And to me personally, I think that’s the biggest hack ever.”

Another travel hack the TikToker shared was how to get your pick from any leftover seats on your flight.

By paying for an aisle seat and then boarding the plane last “you can opt to choose whatever is available and hopefully, you’ll get a row all to yourself”.

However, Grace’s travel hacks have divided opinion on social media.

“These are the best travel hacks omg,” one said.

A second weighed in: “Amazing advice!”

However, discussing the content creator’s water freeze hack, one user offered: “Or just bring an empty bottle through TSA and use their water refilling stations.”

Elsewhere, a flight attendant urged passengers to refrain from picking an unassigned seat.

“This is a pet peeve.

“You can ask if there are empty seats, you can’t just sit anywhere,” they said.

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