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People accuse me of trying to wind my kid's teachers up by piercing her nose


A MUM who has been accused of deliberately trying to wind her daughter’s teachers up was left fuming when she was put into isolation for having her nose pierced.

Tink is herself covered in tattoos and piercings, and happily obliges her 12-year-old when Ruby asks to have her hair dyed or another piercing.

Tink pierced her daughter Ruby's nose, but has been accused of doing it to deliberately wind the teachers up


Tink pierced her daughter Ruby’s nose, but has been accused of doing it to deliberately wind the teachers upCredit: TikTok/@cherries_87
Ruby showed off her nose piercing in a video on Tink's TikTok page


Ruby showed off her nose piercing in a video on Tink’s TikTok pageCredit: TikTok/@cherries_87

In a recent TikTok, Tink showed herself piercing Ruby’s nose, as well as her niece Maisie’s nose too, as she insisted she didn’t predict a problem with the school.

However, she soon found out she was wrong, when the pair were put into isolation for their nose studs.

“I went up the school and I pulled them out of school and I bought them home,” she said.

“I am trying so hard, so hard to make schools realise that the way they look does not affect their education in the slightest.

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“It really does not affect anything to do with their education.”

In another TikTok, she responded to some of the comments she’d received, after trolls accused her of deliberately trying to aggravate the teachers with her actions.

“I did not know that she was gonna get put in isolation and I did not do it to go against the school rules,” she said.

Tink added that she’d used the “tiniest nose stud” and had covered it with natural coloured tape, because “last year this was allowed – she was allowed to wear a nose stud at school as long as it had the tape covering it”.

She went on to insist that she had no idea that since the new head teacher had been at the school – around a month – she’d introduced a zero tolerance rule to piercings.

“I did not know that this was gonna happen,” she added.

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“I didn’t do it to upset or annoy anybody.

“So for those people saying that I knew it’s gonna happen, I really didn’t.”

Ruby wouldn’t even be allowed a clear stud in her nose, due to the zero tolerance rule, with Tink adding: “I haven’t done it to cause an argument or anything.

“I just feel like children need a bit of freedom to be who they wanna be.”

The majority of people in the comments section were quick to offer their support to Tink, with one writing: “The school rules are ridiculous, they need to be changed.”

“The rules of schools now are ridiculous,” another added.

“My daughter’s school is the same. How is hair colour or nose piercings going to affect their learning?”

“She should be able to get a nose stud,” a third commented.

“Since when can schools tell parents how to parent their kids?

“Since when do schools tell parents how to dress their kids to this extent?

“This is crazy!”

“School are literally a different word for prison,” someone else said.

Why do schools have such strict rules about appearance?

WHY is it that students aren’t allowed dyed hair, painted nails, tattoos or piercings at school? Surely they should be allowed to express their individuality?

Well, according to Quora, there are five main reasons that such appearance alterations are banned in school.

1. Maintaining a professional appearance

Students are required to stick to the uniform policy in order to present themselves in a professional manner. Doing so helps create a sense of discipline and respect for the learning environment.

2. Safety concerns

In some situations, there could be safety concerns about an appearance change. This would be applicable if someone was to have extremely long hair that wasn’t tied up, for example, as it could get caught in equipment during PE lessons or while playing with friends.

3. Minimising disruption

Many schools have a strict policy regarding students’ appearance in a bid to minimise disruption. Some education centres believe that someone having brightly-coloured dyed hair, or a large piercing, ends up being a distraction to other students, and therefore detracts from the learning process.

4. Preparation for the work place

Many jobs – especially corporate or medical ones – have strict rules regarding appearance, with piercings, tattoos and dyed hair all on the banned list. So preventing the students from having these alterations at schools means they’ll be prepared for not being allowed them when they’ve got a job too.

5. Cultural/social norms

Schools may seek to reflect the norms of what’s considered appropriate or acceptable in different cultures and communities in their policies.

“Schools are ridiculous these days,” another wrote.

“They are not allowed to express themselves at all these days.”

“My daughter was put in isolation for same thing then they forgot about her & she missed her dinner,” someone else added.

“I used to work at a secondary school,” another commented.

“I’m covered in tats and they had to be covered at all times, even in summer in 30’ heat.

“Long trousers and long tops because I was classed as a bad influence.”

Tink insisted she doesn't understand why a tiny nose piercing - not a big hoop like pictured - wouldn't be allowed if it was taped at school


Tink insisted she doesn’t understand why a tiny nose piercing – not a big hoop like pictured – wouldn’t be allowed if it was taped at schoolCredit: Getty

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