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Shoppers are giving their Home Bargains' hot air balloon lights an added edge


THEY’RE the solar garden lights that are sold out across the country.

But some of the shoppers who were lucky enough to nab one of Home Bargains’ hot air balloon lights have been taking to social media to show how they’ve given the garden accessory an added edge.

Shoppers have been taking to Facebook to show how they've given their Home Bargains hot air balloon lights an added edge


Shoppers have been taking to Facebook to show how they’ve given their Home Bargains hot air balloon lights an added edgeCredit: extremecouponingandbargainsuk/facebook
They've put little Lego figures in the basket of the lights


They’ve put little Lego figures in the basket of the lightsCredit: extremecouponingandbargainsuk/facebook
While this person went for a mini garden gnome in theirs


While this person went for a mini garden gnome in theirsCredit: extremecouponingandbargainsuk/facebook

Veronia posted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to show how she’d updated hers, by popping a little Lego figure inside the basket.

“This is what we’ve done to ours,” she wrote alongside the pictures.

One snap showed a bearded man inside the basket, while the other had a hat-wearing figure inside.

“How cute!” one person commented on the post.

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“Why didn’t we think about this?” another wrote, tagging a mate.

“Oooooh this is cute!!!!!!” a third said.

“I’ve been waiting on mine coming, I’m going to do this, ha ha love it!” someone else commented.  

“Love this idea,” another wrote.

“There’s an idea!” someone else said.

“I have bought one and looks amazing when it’s on,” another added.

I gave my garden a total glow up using a cheap £2.99 buy from Home Bargains – it’s perfect for lighting up your patio

“You should get the kids to bring their Lego next time,” someone else commented, tagging their friend.

As another wrote: “Love it – I want one even more now!”

“I was totally thinking about doing this!” someone else said.

However, the popularity of the lights means that not everyone has been able to get their hands on them.

“So cute, can’t get any near me in Swansea!” one wrote.

“I just ordered mine online from Home Bargains, £4.99 they are!” another said.

“I looked on Wednesday and was lucky they had four left.

“Got 2 for me and 2 for a friend.

Garden features that add the most value to a house

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“We have been trying for ages to get them.”

“I got mine from b&m as my home bargains didn’t have any,” someone else commented.

“They aren’t multicoloured – I have a red one and a yellow one.”

“Got mine from Aldi few weeks ago in Wales,” another wrote.

“Not seen anymore anywhere since!”

The lights are currently out of stock on the Home Bargains website.

However, the description for the product reads: “Introducing our Hanging Hot Air Balloon Solar Light — a whimsical and captivating addition to your outdoor decor that combines the charm of hot air balloons with the eco-friendly brilliance of solar-powered illumination.

“Elevate your garden, patio, or backyard with the enchanting glow of this delightful hanging light.”

The lights look gorgeous when they're lit up at nighttime


The lights look gorgeous when they’re lit up at nighttimeCredit: extremecouponingandbargainsuk/facebook
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